SuperMalechi's Thomas and Friends Promotion DVD ideas (US) is a custom thing to make by SuperMalechi. It has some promotion DVDs with a Thomas model engine, a Thomas book, another promotion DVD or a Thomas train set.

Thomas' Christmas Party (Book & DVD)


It's Christmas time and Thomas wants to throw Mrs. Kyndley a party to thank her for saving him from a landslide the year before. The Fat Controller agrees with him, but first Thomas, Toby and Terence have to rescue her from her snowed-in house. Thomas and Toby arrive home to find the sheds in darkness, but then a switch is thrown and the sheds are covered in lights.

Featured Characters



This DVD contained one first season episode of Thomas and Friends, one Thomas song, and one Barney & Friends episode. It has a run time of 35 minutes.

  1. Thomas and Friends - Thomas' Christmas Party (told by Ringo Starr)
  2. Barney and Friends - The North Pole (Season 4 Pilot)
  3. Thomas and Friends song - Winter Wonderland


  • Thomas' Christmas Party has Ringo Starr's US narration, but with no gold dust sounds at the start and end.
  • Thomas' Christmas Party is restored.

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