Mario as Jenna's Dad

Peach as Emily

Judy as Jazzy

Rosalina as Kaelyn

Shelia Perkins as Vera the Villian

Brooklyn Guy as Are You Smarter Than A... Host

Bowser Junior as Princess Lucy (Both are bratty)

Bowser as Kaelyns Dad

Joseph as Kaelyns Boyfriend

Cody as Nerd Emily

Emily as Jenna

Rosalinas Ex Boyfriend as The Prankster (Both are mean to one another)

Jeffy as Baby Ivy

Tyrone Calvin as Joshua

Chompy as Fuzz

Terrance as Abby

Mr Bones as Roxy

Chef Pee Pee as Jedediah the Explorer

Chef Poo Poo as the Mischevious Monkey

Craig the Devil as The Creepy Doll

Daisy as Kaelyns Mom

Version 2

  • Toadette as Emily

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