• Bowser Junior as Timmy
  • Bowser as Mr. Turner
  • Bowser's Mom as Mrs. Turner
  • Emily Coleman as Chloe Carmichael
  • Mario as Sheldon Dinkleberg
  • Peach as Vicky (Not Craig because Vicky is Female and Craig is Male)
  • Joseph as Chester
  • Cody as A.J.
  • Toad as Sanjay
  • Patrick as Elmer
  • Mr Steinbeck as Mr. Crocker
  • Bully Bill as Francis
  • Jeffy as Cosmo (Both are Stupid)
  • Feebee as Wanda

Version 2

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  • Toad as Timmy (Both Start With "t" and Have A Child Voice)
  • Joseph as Timmys Dad
  • Josephs Girlfriend as Timmys Mom
  • Toadette as Chloe
  • Cody as Sheldon Dinkleberg
  • Peach as Vicky
  • SpongeBob (From SpongeBob) as Chester
  • Bowser as Jorgen
  • Jeffy as A.J.
  • Steinback as Mr. Crocker
  • Bully Bill as Francis
  • Bowser Junior as Cosmo
  • Emily Coleman as Wanda
  • Rosalina as Trixie

Version 3

  • Toad as Timmy Turner
  • Bowser Junior as Chester
  • Jeffy as AJ
  • Joseph as Cosmo
  • Josephs Girlfriend as Wanda
  • Toadette as Trixie

Version 4

  • Jeffy as Timmy Turner
  • Luigi as Cosmo
  • Princess Daisy as Wanda
  • Peach as Vicky
  • Mario as Timmy's Dad
  • Rosalina as Timmy's Mom
  • Bowser Junior as AJ
  • Cody as Chester
  • Sonic the Hedgheog as Mr. Crocker
  • Crystal as Trixie
  • Feebee as Tootie