Version 1

  • Brooklyn T Guy as Mufasa
  • Judy as Sarabi
  • Brooklyn T Guy's Wife as Sarafina
  • Toad as Young Simba
  • Emily as Adult Nala
  • Bowser Junior as Adult Simba
  • Toadette as Young Nala
  • Chef Pee Pee as Timon
  • Bowser as Pumbaa
  • Chompy as Zazu
  • Jeffy as Rafiki
  • Mine Bird as The Hynas
  • Black Yoshi as Scar
  • Chompy's Girl as Young Kiara
  • Jackie Chu as Young Kovu
  • Britknee/Crystal as Adult Kiara
  • Corn Dog God as Adult Kovu
  • Peach as Zira

Version 2

  • Mario as Mufasa (Mario and Mufasa begin with "M")
  • Rosalina as Sarabi
  • Bowser Jr. As Young Simba
  • Toadette as Adult Nala
  • Toad as Adult Simba
  • Jeffy as Timon
  • Joseph or Cody as Pumbaa

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