Super Cody Is A 2001 American Live Action Film Produced By Cody Flasche Pictures It's His 27th Full Length Cody Film Released Date Friday July 27, 2001 Directed By Cody W. Flasche & David K. Flasche & Music By Matthew Anderson & William Kern With The Voices Of Cody W. Flasche & Barney The Dinosaur And Featuring The Animation Voices Of Maurice LaMarche As Father, Dee Bradley Baker, Ben Diskin, Cree Summer As The Delightful Children From Down The Lane, Daran Norris As Big Brother From "Codename Kids Next Door" Greg Eagles As The Grim Reaper From "The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy" And Allison Moore As Dee Dee From "Dexters Laboratory" Running Time: 93 Minutes


In The Beginning The Ladies Sing "The Story Of Super Cody" Then When Cody Was A Baby With His Dad Name Zax And His Mom Name Ella Then Cody Saw A Super Hero Cape And A Horse Name Jack Then They Saw Father From The Delightful Home Then Father Saw Cody Then She Sing "The Delightful Home" At The Delightful Home Father Called The Delightful Children To Tell Him The Grim Reapers Here Then The Skelton Pull The String And The Grim Reaper Cut The String And The Grim Reaper Got 72, 701 People Died Then The Grim Reaper Tell Father A Story About For 20 Years Before Father Unleashed The Monsters Then Super Cody Will Be A Hero Then Father Tell The Children To Get A Drink To Cody Then They Saw Cody Gone Then The Children Taking Cody Then Val & Alice Saw The Baby Name Cody Then They Sing "Cody It's Gone" Then 20 Years Later Cody Was A Adult To Take Care The Town Then Cody Saw The Baseball And The Town Destoryed Then Everybody Was Mad At Cody Then Cody Sing "I Will Be The Hero Forever" Then Cody Will Going To Find The Zax Place Then Cody Saw Zax But Cody Tell Zax It's His Father Then He Got The Super Cape And Jack The Horse Loves Cody Then They Look To Find Barney The Trainer Dinosaur Then Cody Saw Barney Then Cody Told Barney About The Super Hero Then Barney Sing "You Are The Best Guy In The World" Then Barney Taking Cody & Jack To New York City Then They Saw The Giant Kid Name Big Brother Holding Dee Dee Then Super Cody Will Save Her Then Super Cody Beating Big Brother Then Cody Meets Dee Dee Because He Loved Then Dee Dee Meets Father Then Dee Dee Tell Father About Super Cody Then Father Was Mad At The Delightful Children About Super Cody Then At New York Cody Saw A Beautiful City Then Everybody Saw Super Cody Then Cody Saw Dee Dee To Save To Children Then The 3 Headed Monster Saw Super Cody Then Cody Destroyed The 3 Headed Monster Then Cody Save The Day Then They Singing "Cody Is The Super Hero" Then Father Was Mad Then The Delightful Chidren Were Cody's Merchandise Then Dee Dee Loves Cody Then Back At Zax Place He Told Cody About Cody Will Not Be A Hero Then Cody Were A Cowboy Oobi Suit He Painting A Super Hero Then Barney Hug To Cody Then Dee Dee Saw Cody To Take On The Dinner Tonight Then At The Fancy Restaurant Cody Loves Her Then Jack & Barney Taking Cody To The Stadium Then Dee Dee Singing "Cody & I" Then Barney Saw Father & Dee Dee Then Barney Tell Cody The Truth Then At The Stadium Barney Tell Cody About Dee Dee Then Barney Going Home Then Cody Meets Father Then Father Got Dee Dee Then She Lied To Cody Then Father Ride The Black Car Then He Meets Some Monsters To Destroy Zax Then Zax Saw The Monsters Then Cody & Dee Dee Saw One Eye Men Then Dee Dee Saw Barney Then Cody Destroyed That One Eye Then Dee Dee Push Cody Then Cody Save Dee Dee Then Cody Destroyed The Monsters Then Cody Saving His Dad Then Cody Heard Father About Dee Dee Dying Then Cody Saw Dee Dee Dead Then At The Delightful Home Cody Was Mad At Father Then Cody Saw Ghost Dee Dee Then The Grim Reaper Saw The Freeze String It's Frozen But Grim Can't Cut Then Cody Push Father Into The Ghost Lake Then Dee Dee Is Alive Because Cody Loves Dee Dee Then Cody Saw Zax & Ella To Have Cody A Super Hero Then Cody Saving The City Then Cody, Dee Dee, Jack & Barney Loved For A Super Hero Name Cody...

Home Media

Super Cody Was On Cody's Masterpiece Collection On DVD & VHS On Tuesday March 5, 2002

Super Cody Was On Cody's Gold Classic's Collection On DVD & VHS On Tuesday August 31, 2004   

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