This is the transcript for "The Story of a Sad Elf and a Reckless Ruckus".


Chapter 1: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas

  • (It all started when two men from the Let it Glow Lighting Co. arrived at Spring Valley Mall South)
  • Phillip: I can't believe we have got a whole gig decorating the mall!
  • Roadie Reggie: Well, this is no birthday party.
  • (The mall may not have been the trendiest spot in town, but Phillip loved the mall and the people in it and kept it running like a well-oiled, albeit slightly rusty machine. What Phillip's boss, General Manager Mrs. Netterbaum lacked in sentimentality, she made up for in ambition.)
  • Mrs. Netterbaum: Roadie Reggie, Phillip, if this Christmas shopping season doesn't get any better, this will be the last one for many of our shopkeepers. How'd you feel is Mrs. Emma at the candle store had to close her shop?
  • Phillip: That would be terrible.
  • Mrs. Netterbaum: We need more customers, and to do that, we've got to deck the halls like they've never been decked!
  • Phillip: Because... We need a lot to celebrate an awesome holiday. I've listed what we need for the perfect Christmas Day. A million bright lights, all strung in a line, and silvery tinsel that sparkles and shines!
  • Roadie Reggie: And holiday music and jingly bells, electric fireplaces and gingerbread smells!
  • Phillip: With nutcrackers, fruitcake, and reindeer and sleighs, and hearing Bing Crosby for 45 days!
  • Roadie Reggie: Inflatable snowmen that wobble and sing, polypropylene angels with real flapping wings!
  • Phillip: That's what Christmas needs!
  • Customers: That's what Christmas needs.
  • Mall Officer Sam: A big pile of presents wrapped up in scotch tape.
  • Carolers: And carolers dressed up in top hats and capes!
  • Mall Officer Ronnie: And don't forget Mary and Joseph and Jesus!
  • Customers and Phillip: We need a lot to celebrate an awesome holiday! We've listed what was needed for the Christmas day.
  • (Ever since Mega Mall North opened for business, the Spring Valley Mall has been losing customers. They needed to create a great big holiday display for the mall king, Alister Cashberger. Now every mall needs a head elf for Christmas, and Phillip's old friend, Lawrence Mobley, needed the work.)
  • Merry Larry: You told me to come here with bells on, Phillip.
  • Phillip: Stick with the outfit I gave you, Lawrence.
  • Merry Larry: I was thinking 'Merry Larry' would be a better name for an elf like me.
  • Phillip: Fine. Merry Larry. While we're at it, you can call me "Mr. Fleagle".
  • Merry Larry: Mr. Fleagle, I love to help people! Isn't that what Christmas is about?
  • Roadie Reggie: We just sang a whole song about what Christmas is about!
  • (So they took Lawrence before his post)
  • Henry and Miles: We're ready, monseiur elf!
  • Merry Larry: You guys are Christmas elves. Have you two forgotten the elf pledge?
  • Henry: No.
  • Merry Larry: Then let's hear it!
  • Henry: An elf is nice, an elf is green His pointy hat is always clean! As an elf, I pledge to share the joy of Christmas everywhere!
  • Merry Larry: And... the whole thing.
  • Miles: I'll help the children make their list Give candy canes the perfect twist I'll do my best, I won't be greedy; I'll work hard alert and speedy! I think we get the idea...
  • Merry Larry: And the big finish!
  • Henry and Miles: We've said it once, but we'll repeat-y As an elf, we pledge to share the joy of Christmas everywhere!
  • Phillip: I want to use every light in the truck, and rent more!
  • Roadie Reggie: You're telling me. I got a snow machine. The entire floor will be a winter wonderland, or we can use it for the tank of live polar bears.
  • Phillip: We've got so much work to do here.

Chapter 2: A Thousand Years

Chapter 3: Larry Boy and the Reckless Ruckus

Chapter 4: Madame Dude Berry

Chapter 5: The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps

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