Copy of SMG COVER 002

The release cover of Super Luigi's Sunshine Gay

Super Luigi's Sunshine Gay (極度の氏のグリーンマンの日光のゲイ, Sūpā Luigi's Sunsheeno Hyomoseckstualo) is 5D Platform game published by Nitnuebo for the !!M. It was released in Japanericanadexicoussiantarticaustraliangea, the supercontinent developed by Chuck Norris after he took a swim in the Atlantic. It is the forty-fifth 5D platformer in the Suquario series.

The game follows the antagonist, Luigi, on a quest to save Princess Daisy from the main protagonist, Bowser. The levels are consist of platforms on which you have to pace back and forth for exactly one hundred and twenty-eight hours while you think of a plan to rescue the princess.

A sequel to the game is being produced. It is called Super Luigi's Sunshine Gay Plus, and will be released on approximately Octovember 34, 2069.


Premise and Setting

Super Luigi's Sunshine Gay is set on a lone floating platform, on which Luigi must pace back and forth across for exactly one hundred and twenty-eight hours. There are also several challenges incorporated into the pacing. For example, there is a "Tempo Mode" in which you must take a step to the clicking of a metronome. Other modes are "Leap-Frog Mode", "Hop, Skip, and a Jump Mode", "Atomic Mode", "Endless Strawberry Harvesting Plant Mode", "Cartwheeling Mode", "Uncensored Mode", "Pelvic Mode", and "Super Happy Fun Fun Explosion Nice Smiles Chili Radio Intergalactic Speed Planting Mode". After these one-hundred and twenty eight hours have passed, Luigi can activate his plan to save the princess.


The game play is overly complicated. The player controls the character via the Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Virtual Controller, Wii Wheel, A half eaten sandwich, your voice, and an Xbox 360 controller, among other things. To jump, you press B. To double-jump, you push B two times. To triple-jump you must press B, then A then shake the Wii-Mote 50 times in a circle while your character is still in mid-jump, make a sandwich, eat the sandwich halfly, then put the other half in your pocket. Drop the nunchuck on the ground, then stomp on it twice, pick up the nunchuck, hold left and C and Z all at the same time while reciting the alphabet backwards, then press B. Alternatively, you can just press 2.

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