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Super Mario 455 was created in the year 8921 B.C.. Sadly, all of the game discs were burned the day after it was made because everyone thought the discs were cursed.

It is very hard to get stars in this game. All stages have stars, but only 5 stages have a goal you accomplish to get the star. On the other stages, you have to find them by searching every inch of the stage because the last place you look is always where the star is.


Super Mario Of course, Mario was in the game. He looked a lot different than he does now. Mario had a green cap, purple hair, and a white shirt.

Mario455 1

The Super Mario 455 box.

Mario455 2

Mario standing in the 789th stage. For some reason, every time you enter this stage, the Mario's Lives icon turns into present day Mario, with the red hat and brown hair.

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