Junior's Minigame. - Complete all Yoshi's minigames

Senior's Minigame. - Complete all Mario's minigames

Prefect's Minigame. - Complete all Luigi's minigames

Head Boy's Minigame. - Complete all Wario's minigames

Nice jump! - Do a long jump with every character

1-ups for you! - Get 100 lives

You've got a lot of coins! - Get 255 coins in every level

Non-celebrated hero. - Get 80 stars

Super-celebrated hero. - Get 150 stars

Hot, hot, hot! - Fall into the lava with every character

A quick death? - Die 20 times

Sweet dreams! - Sleep with every character

Goomba power! - Stomp on 15 Goombas

Music hurts! - Get hit with a piano

Home returner. - Unlock Mario

College returner. - Unlock Luigi

Skyscraper returner. - Unlock Wario

King Koopa slayer. - Defeat three Bowsers

Rabbit hunt. - Catch all rabbits with Yoshi

Super rabbit hunt. - Catch all rabbits with Mario

Humongo rabbit hunt. - Catch all rabbits with Luigi

Extremely rabbit hunt. - Catch all rabbits with Wario

Glowing rabbit hunt. - Catch 8 glowing rabbits

100% perfect hero. - Defeat the last Bowser with 150 stars

50% perfect hero. - Defeat the last Bowser with 80 stars

The only power-up is yours. - Get the Power Flower with every character

Eyes and rocks galore! - Defeat Eyerok with every character

What the never-ending staircase? - Beat the endless stairs with Mario

Fantastic coins of red! - Get 8 red coins in every level

Greetings! - Talk to Toad with every character

Tee-hee-hee! - Ground pound 7 times

Goomba cha-cha? - Kick 15 Goombas

Follower of the tick-tocks. - Go through Tick Tock Clock with every character

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