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Super Mario Bros. Z, better known as SMBZ, is a Flash Animation series created by Alvin-Earthworm. The series first debuted on April 22, 2006 at the popular flash site NewGrounds. It combines elements from Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dragon Ball Z. Although the series borrows many elements from Dragonball Z, such as the choreography of the fight scenes, powering up, and free flight, the series doesn't contain any actual characters from the show or the others. The series has reached well known popularity over the 2006 year and continues onward during 2007.

Seven episodes have been created so far, with a time span of anywhere from two months to sixteen months with each new episode. The creator of the series has stated that he plans on making 45 episodes total, dividing them into 3 Sagas sporting 15 episodes a piece, though the sources of this claim are currently not available, except for the SMBZ forums.

There is also a fan site devoted to the show and its spinoffs, including Nintegaball GT.

Super Mario Bros Z Fan Site Video Game LAN, home of SMBZ and NBGT


# Name Episode Picture Description Character Debuts
1 Bowser's Return Mario and Luigi race Wario and Waluigi in an innocent Mario Kart race, but Bowser and Kamek interrupt. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Kamek
2 Warriors From Another Dimension Mario wins a long fight with Bowser, thanks to a timely appearance by Sonic and Shadow. Sonic, Shadow
3 The New Threat The Gang goes on the hunt for Chaos Emeralds; Yoshi finds one and is almost killed by Mecha Sonic. Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Mecha Sonic
4 Here Come the Koopa Bros. As Yoshi heals, the Gang continues the hunt, but is interrupted by the Koopa Bros. Koopa Bros., Professor E. Gadd
5 Troubles On Yoshi's Island The Gang travels to Yoshi's Island for a fourth Emerald, but both the Koopa Bros. and the Axem Rangers X interfere. Axem Rangers X, Yoshi Tribe, Yoshi Chief, Thunderfoot
6 Brawl on a Vanishing Island The Gang, Koopa Bros., and Axem Rangers X, but Mecha Sonic arrives, kills two of the team members, and the good guys escape with their lives and four Emeralds. Semi-Super Mecha Sonic
7 Secret of the Pipe Maze The gang searches for the fifth Emerald, and finds one in the Minus World. With Mecha Sonic down there as well, the stakes couldn't be higher. Kammy, Koopalings, Dr. Eggman (?), Mecha Mario (?), Goombella, Kolorado, Professor Frankly
8 The Great Doomship Offensive Bowser attacks Peach, Toadsworth informs Mario. TO BE CONTINUED.  ???


  1. Episode 2: Mario vs. Bowser
  2. Episode 3: Yoshi vs. Mecha Sonic
  3. Episode 4: The Gang vs. Koopa Bros.
  4. Episode 5: The Gang vs. Yoshi Clan (Fight stopped)
  5. Episode 5: The Gang vs. Koopa Bros. vs. Axem Rangers X (Unresolved)
  6. Episode 6: The Gang vs. Koopa Bros. vs. Axem Rangers X (Fight cut off)
  7. Episode 6: Mecha Sonic vs. Axem Rangers X
  8. Episode 6: The Gang vs. Semi-Super Mecha Sonic (not resolved; everyone escapes Yoshi's Island)
  9. Episode 7: Mecha Sonic vs. Sonic and Mario (Warp pipe gone down)
  10. Episode 7: Mecha Sonic vs. Sonic and Mario
  11. Episode 7: The Gang vs. Mecha Sonic (not resolved; everyone escapes Minus World)



Original Game: Donkey Kong

Mario is the resident hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, along with his brother Luigi. As in the Mario series of video games, he never says more than a series of noises and occasional Italian phrases like "Mamma-mia!". He is a strong man, if not a little short and chubby. In SMBZ, he, along with Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow must collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop Mecha Sonic from destroying his world. Mario has appeared in every episode.

When fighting, Mario likes to use items and combos, using his strength and critical hits to defeat opponents.


Original Game: Mario Bros

Luigi is the brother of Mario, and is also a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is generally very easily frightened, but in the heat of battle, he really shows his strong side. Many times, a threatening enemy will cause him to run away or hide. Shadow's rash actions often startle him greatly, but he is still a loyal brother and notable member of the group. Luigi has appeared in every episode.

He likes to team up with other characters (Sonic being the most notable one) because of his lack of courage.


Original Game: Super Mario World

A Yoshi that seems to be the most known by Mario (the Yoshi from the game Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario World ). He was introduced in episode 3, used to help find an Emerald because of his powerful nose. He managed to find the red Emerald, but was confronted abd knocked out by Mecha Sonic, who escaped with it. He spent episode four being cared to by Mario and Princess Peach, but came back into action in Episode 5 when he learned that the heroes were going to Yoshi's Island. He saved Mario from being killed by Thunderfoot, a yoshi tribe warrior, and joined them in the fight against the Axem Rangers and the Koopa Bros. Alvin-Earthworm has changed his sprite from the SNES Yoshi's Island sprite to the DS Yoshi's Island sprite, claiming that it was much more flexible. Yoshi has appeared in every episode since Episode 3.


Original Game: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog from Mobius who, along with Shadow, has traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Mecha Sonic from collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds and destroying the world. The fastest thing alive, he finds Mario and Luigi to be cool, and is often scolding Shadow for his rash decisions and harsh attitude. The names of E. Gadd's inventions often confuse him thoroughly. He often teams up with Luigi during battles. Sonic has appeared in every episode since Episode 2.

So far, it seems that Sonic has used only one critical hit; the rest of his moves consist of small combos. On one occasion, it is shown that he knows the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku.


Original Game: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Shadow is a black anthropomorphic hedgehog who traveled with Sonic to the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Mecha Sonic from destroying the world. He often acts rashly without consulting the others, and his anger seems to always get the best of him. His attacks are extremely strong, and he often takes charge in battle. Shadow spares no strength as he takes on his enemies. He could be the strongest and most aggressive character next to Mecha Sonic. He also seems to dislike the notion of working with the people of the Mushroom Kingdom, much rather wanting to finish Mecha Sonic himself. Shadow has appeared in every episode since Episode 2.

It is shown that he is able to do the Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon).



Original Game: Super Mario Bros

Mario's lifelong arch-nemesis. In the first and second episode, he attacked Mario while he was racing, planning to end Mario's day and kidnap the princess. Mario manged to beat him after a long battle. He returns in Episode 7 with (presumably) Dr. Eggman and his Koopalings, and Kammy and Kamek. Dr. Eggman (?) has designed a Mecha Mario (presumed name) and a warship. Bowser finally reappears at the end of Episode 7. He will attack in Episode 8, according to Episode 7 he already kidnapped her. Bowser has appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 7, and 8.


Original Game: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Kamek is Bowser's evil henchman who raised Bowser as a baby. He helped Bowser in the second episode by giving him a Metal Mushroom. He was blasted away at the end of episode two. He reappears talking to Bowser in episode 7. Kamek has appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 7, and possibly 8.


Original Game: Paper Mario

Kammy is Bowser's evil henchwoman who aided him in Paper Mario 1 and 2. She debuts talking to Bowser in episode 7. Kammy has appeared in Episode 7 and possibly 8.

Mecha Sonic

Original Game: Sonic & Knuckles

The main antagonist of the first Saga. Metal Sonic was a robot created by Dr. Eggman who fought Sonic on many occasions, but lost each and every time. Because of his persistance and will to defeat Sonic, Metal Sonic wanted to become even stronger. This led to him absorbing Eggman's other Sonic robot prototypes, transforming him into Mecha Sonic, a powerful killing machine. He killed Eggman, before crashing the Death Egg into Mobius. Even in his new transformed state, Mecha Sonic knew he wasn't invincible, so he set off to find the Chaos Emeralds, killing Sonic's friends in the process. When Shadow warped the Chaos Emeralds to Mario's dimension, Mecha Sonic sets off after them. In Episode 6, he obtains the Koopa Bros.'s and Axem Rangers X's Emeralds, transforming into his Semi-Super form, but loses all four Emeralds to the heroes near the end of the episode. Later, in Episode 7, he reappears and after a short brawl follows them into the Minus World, where he almost kills Mario and Sonic and realizes Chaos Control is impossible here. After several more battles, Mecha Sonic escapes just after the rest of the crew, and almost kills them but Shadow Chaos Controls. Mecha Sonic has appeared in Episodes 1, 3, 4 (in a flashback, 5, 6, 7, and possibly 8.

The Koopa Bros.

Original Game: Paper Mario

The Koopa. Bros. made their entrance in episode 4 by stealing E. Gadd's Radar and the Emerald. They are hunted down by the heroes, and caught in the plains. They battle valiantly, but are handled thoroughly. They rely on their special "Stack" attack, (the same one in Paper Mario. Their attack is stronger than the one in Paper Mario) and with an unexpected boost from the chaos emerald they hold, they defeated the heroes, also taking the Emerald Radar. They came to Yoshi's island late, because of Yellow using the radar upside down. They took the purple Emerald, but it was then taken by Axem Red. They want to collect the emeralds so that they can "call the shots." However, all of them were stranded on Yoshi's Island when Mecha Sonic's energy ball destroyed it. They are presumed dead. They appeared in Episodes 4, 5, and 6.

A famous scene is when they first appear and play the wrong theme tune (once again because of Yellow's stupidity). There are four of them; Red (the leader), Green, Yellow, and Black.

The Axem Rangers X

Original Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Rebuilt by Smithy, they seek out a power source for their damaged master. After the Yoshi Tribe found the purple Chaos Emerald the Axem Rangers stole the Emerald and enslaved the Yoshis to search for more, unaware there were no more on the island. They are destroyed by Semi-Super Mecha Sonic in a quick battle. They appeared in Episodes 5 and 6. They may have some connection to the Smithy arc in Season 2.

There are 5 members: Red, Black, Green, Yellow and Pink.

It should be noted that their sprites are modified from the original ones seen in Super Mario RPG. Although they have the same heads from Super Mario RPG, their bodies are from Mega Man games, such as Red, Black, and Green having Zero's body from the Mega Man Zero series, Yellow having Guts Man's body, and Pink having Roll's body (both from the Mega Man Battle Network series).

Wario & Waluigi

Original Games: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins(Wario), Mario Tennis(Waluigi)

Better known as Wario Brothers: The Mario Brothers' rivals. They raced Mario and Luigi in the first episode, but ran into Bob-ombs and weren't seen for a bit until Episode 3, when they overheard about the Chaos Emeralds and wanted to hunt them down to make money selling them. They reappeared on Yoshi's Island in Episode 6, where they acquired the Radar Radar after Mario drops it accidentally. After a deflected Fireball to Wario's head, both of them run off the island and are washed away from it by the waves. The brothers use the Radar Radar and follow the Gang to the Pipe Land, but aren't able to follow them underground. Wario & Waluigi have appeared in Episodes 1, 3, 6, and 7.


Professor E. Gadd

Original Game: Luigi's Mansion

A great scientist who invents gadgets to help the four heroes on their journey, he created the Emerald Radar for the heroes, using the yellow Emerald as a base. Unfortunately, both the Emerald and the Radar were stolen, but E. Gadd luckily had made a Radar Radar to locate the Emerald Radar. When asked why he didn't just make a second Emerald Radar, E. Gadd seemed to just realize that creating a duplicate would've been easier, referring to his quirky nature. Currently, he is heading back home to his lab after experiencing three sides of evil on Yoshi's Island. Professor E. Gadd has appeared in every episode since Episode 4.

Princess Peach

Original Game: Super Mario Bros

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she was first seen in ep. 1, where she hosted the race. She watched the battle between Bowser and Mario, and was saved by Sonic and Shadow from Kamek. So far, she has only served as a backup character, taking care of the fighters when they are defeated and/or heavily injured or unconscious. She has been seen in all six episodes so far (being in a flashback in Episode 6) and it's very probable she will become more active and useful as the series develop. Princess Peach has appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (in a flashback), 7 (only mentioned), and 8 (she is kidnapped).

Chief Yoshi

Original Game: Paper Mario

Chief of the Yoshi tribe and the original Yoshi who helped Mario (as a baby) save his brother Luigi (which took place in the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island). He found the purple Chaos Emerald before it was stolen by the Axem Rangers. Chief Yoshi has appeared in Episodes 5 and 6.


Fan-made character

Thunderfoot, a giant purple Yoshi, is the body guard of Cheif Yoshi. He is by far the strongest of the Yoshi clan and fights with a big spear and impressive ground pounds. He led the small battle against Mario and his friends when they landed on Yoshi's island. Thunderfoot has appeared in Episodes 5 and 6.


Original Game: Paper Mario

Kolorado is an explorer who debuted in Paper Mario. He got lost in the Minus World but his great-grandfather's stopwatch saved him, Goombella, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Yoshi, Shadow, and even Mecha Sonic. Kolorado appeared in Episode 7.


Original Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Goombella debuted in Paper Mario TTYD. She got lost in the Minus World with Kolorado but was saved by his stopwatch. Goombella appeared in Episode 7.


Leaked Info

These facts have been leaked by Alvin himself in the forums. (Citation needed)

   * Mecha Sonic WILL collect all of the emeralds
   * Mecha Sonic will host a fighting tournament just like Cell after he went perfect
   * After the defeat of Mecha, Sonic and Shadow will stay and live in the Mushroom Kingdom
   * There will be a movie between Sagas 1 and 2. Chaos is slated to be the villain
   * Smithy will be the Saga 2 villain

The Seven Chaos Emeralds and their Owners

  • Blue: Mecha Sonic, Goomba, Mecha Sonic, The Gang
  • Red: Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Yoshi, Mecha Sonic, The Gang
  • Yellow: Mecha Sonic, E. Gadd, The Gang, Koopa Bros., Mecha Sonic, The Gang
  • Purple: Mecha Sonic, Axem Rangers X, Mecha Sonic, The Gang
  • Cyan: Mecha Sonic, Unknown
  • Silver: Mecha Sonic, Kolorado and Goombella, Sonic and Mario, Mecha Sonic, Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Sonic, Mecha Sonic, The Gang
  • Green: Mecha Sonic, Unknown

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