Super Mario Shorts Vol. 1 is a DVD short that includes 20 shorts and adds bonus features and set ups. This DVD includes Mario clips and various sounds from the TV shows.


1. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi's spin headed down

2. Mario needs to be quiet while learning

3. Luigi farts and explodes Mario world

4. Toad is rescued but hated by Mario

5. Diddy tells DK the truth

6. No voices heard on the sound

7. Mario dreams about Luigi

8. The Mario world is on fire

9. Don't jump over the flagpole

10. Half waste

11. Attack of the monsters

12. Yoshi and Toad watch Luigi's explosive ending

13. Mario and Bowser die in the boss

14. High School Musical 4 oh noes

15. Peach wants Mario to eat a brocoli but he doesn't like them

16. Farting at Underground

17. Bowser's revenge

18. A dead end

19. Golf farted

20. The cast from Mario at the aqauics

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