Super Meat Boy Series is an Protagonistation to Meat Boy & Bandage Girl


Super Meat Boy 1:

  • Meat Boy
  • Bandage Girl (I)
  • Dr. Fetus/Doodle Bonter Fetus
  • C.H.A.D
  • Brownie

Super Meat Boy 2/Super Bandage Girl:

  • Samson (from "SSH")
  • Bertie (from "SSH")
  • Marti-Yogoma (from "M-Y/SSH")
  • Silver Bonter (from"M-Y/SSH")
  • Fishboy
  • Cavino Boy

Super Meat Boy 3 (With Bandage Girl in Action):

  • Vomitino
  • Bandage Girl (II)
  • Vainilla Girl
  • Magic Woman


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