"Super Nova" is the title of the second movie out of four of the science fiction TV series LEXX.

Plot summary

Aboard the stolen Lexx, a bio-mechanical spaceship that is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the Two Universes, drippy captain Stanley H. Tweedle and his crew (beautiful, sex-starved Zev, her robot head sidekick 790, and handsome-but-entirely-dead assassin Kai) bust through the fractal core into the Dark Zone, a parallel universe where depravity and chaos reign. This second movie of the groundbreaking four part series finds Kai running short of proto-blood, a substance that permits the dead man to walk around the living - and kill them. To find more proto-blood, eternal life, they find Poet Man (Tim Curry), who would be delighted to dissect them for the memory banks, and Giggerota (Ellen Dubin), who would be delighted to have them for lunch.

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