Super Paper Mario Speedrunning Database


  • Game: Super Paper Mario
  • Platform: Wii
  • Release Date: US: April 9, 2007 UK: September 14, 2007, Japan: April 19, 2007 *Australia: September 20, 2007
  • Run Times:
  • Any%: 5:13(July 2007) In progress:
  • 100%: Unknown as of now
  • Resources: SDA Discussion,IGN Game Guide

Run categories

Any%/Pure speed

  • Goal: Finish the game as fast as possible
  • Target Time: Under 5 hours(segmented) No target for single segment is known
  • Current WR: 5:13:XX(in-game timer) by MrGuy of Speed Demos Archive
  • Route: The route is pretty straight forward and is just to complete the game as fast as possible.


  • Goal: Finish the game with everything(definition still being debated)
  • Target Time: Unknown
  • Current WR: None
  • Route: The route for a 100% run is not yet planned. It would be difficult to plan due to some caught cards only being available from card shops which would require luck manipulation and more knowledge of the game.

General Tricks

  • Duck Jumping: Duck jumping is a technique which allows Mario to get into spaces normally too small to fit. To perform it press down on the D-pad and jump at the same time. You may need some forward momentum first however.
  • Carrie+Bowser fire combo: This is used by switching to Bowser and have you pixl as Carrie. Get on Carrie then jump and press down on the D-pad whilst in the air to breath fire in midair. This can shorten the length of several in-air bosses.
  • Peach+Carrie hover: This technique lets you get great distance. It is used by switching character to Peach and have Carrie as your pixl. Hop on Carrie and get some forward momentum, then jump and hold 2 and when you get to the very peak of the jump press 1 and release straight away and Peach should get her parasol out. Now you should be hovering like Peach does only with the speed from Carrie behind you. This can be used to cross larger gaps than normal.
  • Flip Jump: This is a technique which allows Mario to get greater height in certain places. If in 3D there is a block that isn't there in 2D or vice versa, jump on the block then flip and whatever dimension you're in if there is nothing below Mario's feet it will give you the option to press 2 to jump higher. This can be used to skip some flip blocks and has many other uses.
  • Flying Jump: When you're flip meter is just about to run out, jump at the right time and you shouldn't stop when you get hit.

Chapter-by-Chapter Tricks

Chapter 1-1

  • Collect a coin or two at the beggining of the chapter to skip a bit of text while speakting to Bestovius
  • The whole second room can be completed in 3D to save flipping time. At one point you will see a large gap which can only be crossed in 2D. Move over to the right edge of it and jump to the left and you should cross it.
  • You can skip the mega star by flipping and not stopping as long as you use flying jumps when your flip meter runs out. This is faster than getting the mega star due to a long cutscene before you gain control.

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