Super Poke Meat is the Super Poka Meat 1 Reboot



  • Themes: Super Poke Meat 2 Themes
  • Items: Bandages
  • Enemies: Poke-Monsters, Dr. Kingbot´s Robots
  • Previous Game: 
  • Next Game:

Playared Characters

  • Poke Meat (from "Super Poke Meat")

Flashie (from "Super Poke Meat")

  • Banpinky Dage (from "Super Poke Meat")

Unlockable Characters 

Warp Zones Only:


Wii Only:

PC Only:

Xbox Only:


Main Article: Super Poke Meat Hazards

  • Buzz-Saws
  • Spikes​
  • Saw Cannons
  • Saws
  • Crushers
  • Salt Balls
  • Salted Fruits
  • Salt
  • Lasers
  • Buzz Axes
  • Hammer-Robots


  • Chapter 1: The Burnt Forest
  • Chapter 2: The Forgotten Church
  • Chapter 3: The Mega Towers
  • Chapter 4: The Supercar Raceroad
  • Chapter 5: The Shifted Graveyard
  • Chapter 6: The Machine Factory
  • Chapter 7: The Lighted City
  • Chapter 8: The Big Hole
  • Chapter 9: The Damned Road
  • Chapter 10 (Final Chapter): The Haunted Finale
  • Other Chapters:



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