Super Pokemon Stadium 4 (Nintendo Wii)/Prime Cup (Round 1) is Pikachufreak's idea.


  1. Ace Trainer F Malinda - Uses Rhyperiance, Victrance, Stantance, Ursarance, Blastance, Torkance
  2. Bird Keeper Johnny - Uses Articash, Altariash, Moltrash, Staraptash, Zapdash, Crobash
  3. Black Belt Ryo - Uses Cario, Champ, Lee, Chan, Top, Cross
  4. Lady Melody - Uses Belletty, Tuffetty, Fabletty, Blissetty, Delcetty, Miletty
  5. Scientist Charles - Uses Mismagilab, Caclab, Doomlab, Umbrelab, Dauntlab, Mightlab
  6. Dragon Tamer Benson - Uses Garchame, Charizame, Nitame, Salamame, Flygame, Aerodame
  7. Ruin Maniac Alfonso - Uses Goleruin, Dugruin, Hippowruin, Maroruin, Cameruin, Clayruin
  8. Ace Trainer M Clark - Uses Phiostor, Raistor, Mewstor, Drastor, Grumpstor, Tropistor

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