• Samson Herms as Thomas
  • Bertie Smason as Edward
  • Misty Dragon as Henry
  • Donkey Dragon as Gordon
  • Marti-Yogoma as James
  • Yiskie as Percy
  • Jolksworth as Toby
  • Flex the Robot as Duck
  • Fil and Fol as The Scottish Twins
  • Clozy as Oliver
  • Anti-Clozy as Devious Diesel
  • Romitino (from "Meatboy: Kids Party Version") as Bill
  • Flashie (from "Super Poke Meat") as Ben
  • Warman as Iron 'Arry
  • Walderson as Iron Bert
  • Zcrepser as Diesel 10
  • Silver-Bonter as Spencer

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