• Ganondorf-Lightning 
  • Jigglypuff-Lindsay (Not Duncan, because Jigglypuff is female and Duncan is male)
  • Zelda/Sheik-Sierra
  • Bowser-Chris McLean (Not Trent, Bowser is evil and Trent is good)
  • King Dedede-Chef Hatchet (Not Sierra)
  • Sonic-Geoff
  • Mewtwo-Mike
  • Yoshi-Cody
  • Peach-Ella
  • (Toon/Young) Link-Leonard
  • Samus/Zero Suit Samus-Bridgette
  • R.O.B-B
  • Mario/Dr. Mario-Tyler
  • Falco-Dave (Not Gwen, Falco is male and Gwen is female)
  • Luigi-Ezekiel
  • Pokemon Trainer-Tom (Not Dakota, Pokemon Trainer is male and Dakota is female)
  • Olimar-Noah
  • Wolf-Jacques
  • Donkey Kong-DJ
  • Mr. Game & Watch-Beardo
  • Ike-Brick (Not Katie, Ike is male and Katie is female)
  • Lucario-Ryan (Not Leshawna, Lucario is male and Leshawna is female)
  • Ness-Junior
  • Pit-Devin (Not Staci, Pit is male and Staci is female)
  • Kirby-Owen
  • Meta Knight-Alejandro
  • Roy-Scott (Not Anne Maria, Roy is male and Anne Maria is female)
  • Captain Falcon-Brody
  • Pikachu-DJ's Bunny
  • Wario-Rodney
  • Diddy Kong-Harold
  • Lucas-Jerd McLean
  • Snake-Sam
  • Marth-Brick
  • Fox-Trent

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