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  • Pikachu as Sonic
  • Kirby as Tails
  • Bowser as Dr. Robotnik
  • Ganondorf as Scratch
  • King Dedede as Grounder
  • Wario as Coconuts
  • Wolf as Robotnik Jr.
  • Samus as Breezie
  • Jigglypuff as Ms. Possum
  • Meta Knight as Dr. Quark
  • Link as Lucas
  • Zelda as Lucinda
  • Diddy Kong as MacHopper
  • Pit as Professor Von Schlemmer
  • Tabbu as Doofus
  • Porky as Dr. Warpink
  • Ness as Big Mike
  • Lucas as Big Grizz
  • Olimar as Goobster
  • Ike as Rocket
  • R.O.B. as Robot
  • Galleom as Music Destoryer
  • Peach as Catty Carlisle
  • Captain Falcon as Edgar Eagle
  • Fox as Ball Hog
  • Falco as Bat Brain
  • Mario as Wired Earp
  • Yoshi as Batch Cassidy
  • Luigi as Billy the Kit
  • Lucario as Casciss James
  • Donkey Kong as DOS Holiday
  • and more

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