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  • Mario as Peter Pan
  • Peach as Wendy
  • Luigi as John
  • Pikachu as Michael
  • Samus as Tinkerbell
  • Bowser as Captain Hook
  • Wario as Mr. Smee
  • Zelda as Tiger Lily
  • Kirby, Metaknight, Ness, Lucas, Pit, and Olimar as The Lost Boys
  • Jigglypuff, Sheik, Daisy (Non Playable Character), Lyn (Assist Trophy), Midna (Non Playable Character),

and Krystal (Non Playable Character) as The Mermaids

  • Fox, Falco, Wolf, Captain Falcon, Marth, Ike, Yoshi Snake, and Sonic as The Indians
  •  Charizard as The Crocodile (DO NOT EDIT THIS)

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