Version 1 (Made by donakbarjohn) (do not edit,add or delete)

  • stan marsh as mario
  • kyle broflovski as pit
  • kenny mcromick as marth
  • eric cartman as sonic the hedgehog
  • fox as craig tucker
  • link as token black
  • snake as clyde donovan
  • kirby as tweek tweak
  • pikachu as butters stotch
  • yoshi as jimmy valmer
  • luigi as kevin stoley
  • rob as timmy burch
  • wario as bridon
  • diddy kong as scott malkinson
  • donkey kong as francis
  • princess peach as wendy testaburger
  • princess daisy as bebe stevens
  • samus as red
  • falco as abdul hakeem
  • bowser as gregory
  • pokemon trainer as pip pirrup
  • ness as bill
  • lucas as fosse

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