• Pikachu as The Pink Panther
  • Kirby as The Ant
  • Meta Knight as The Aardvark
  • Fox as Charles Dreyfuss
  • Sonic as Beethoven the Little White Man
  • Snake as Drunk (from Pickled Pink)
  • Wolf as The Blue Racer
  • Ganondorf as The Dogfather
  • Link as Misterjaw
  • Zelda as Pink Panther's Girlfriend
  • Toon Link as Hoot Kloot
  • Mario as Crazy Legs Crane
  • Captain Falcon as Inspector Clouseau
  • King Dedede as Tijuana Toad #1
  • Tabuu as Tijuana Toad #2
  • Falco as Rattfink
  • Peach as Simone Clouseau
  • and more

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