January 23: Possible leaked character list disappoints many

A new video is circulating that shows someone playing what appears to be Brawl. The short video shows the person on the character select screen with only the starting characters. This same person later stated that aside from the confirmed characters, only veterans Ganondorf, Falco, Young Link, and Marth will return and the only other newcomers are Wolf and R.O.B. This list has disappointed many who hoped for a hearty roster, and, if true, may put the final nail in the coffin of a disappointing Brawl.

January 21: Leak: Ness, Lucario, and Jigglypuff confirmed as playable characters

A video available on Japan's Wii official site (now removed) shows that when a sticker is highlighted, the characters able to use the sticker are shown on the bottom right. When an Earthbound sticker is highlighted, both Lucas and the previously confirmation-in-limbo Ness are shown as playable, and when a Pokémon sticker is highlighted, Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer, the veteran Jigglpuff, and not-so-surprising newcomer Lucario are all shown. What this means for the unpopular Pichu and more popular Mewtwo is unknown.

January 15: Breaking News: Official website confirms second delay, new release date-March 9

It was everyone's worst nightmare-yet another delay has been rumored by several retailers over the last few weeks. The inevitable was confirmed today when Sakurai discreetly stated that the game has had another small delay and will now be launched a month later, on March 9. This has sparked massive controversy over Nintendo's management of the game and the quality to be expected upon release.

January 9: Official site reveals new character: Pikmin & Olimar from Pikmin!

The official website, after months of character-less updates, has finally confirmed another newcomer-fan favorite Captain Olimar from Pikmin. He uses several of his Pikmin for attacks, and it seems their relationship is very important to the player's survival.

October 25: Official site reveals new character: King Dedede from Kirby!

The official website confirmed another fan favorite character today-King Dedede, Kirby's enemy and sometimes-ally, from the Kirby series! Dedede fights with his hammer, of course, and is a heavyweight character.

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