1. Mario vs Link
 2. Yoshi vs Pikachu
 3. Diddy Kong vs Meta Knight
 4. Bowser vs Ness
 5. Kirby vs King Dedede
 6. Tails vs Knuckles
 7. Peach vs Ganondorf
 8. Lugi vs Ike
 9. Snake vs Sheik

10. Pikachu vs Wario 11. Luigi vs Sonic 12. King Dedede vs Mega Man 13. Mario vs Marth 14. Peach vs Lucas 15. Kirby vs Fox 16. Bowser vs Mr. Game and Watch 17. Tails vs Meta Knight 18. Luigi vs Yoshi 19. Fox vs Marth 20. Snake vs Pikachu 21. Luigi vs Snake 22. Bowser vs Luigi 23. Mario vs Bowser

The winner champion is Mario.

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