• Lucina as Blythe Baxter
  • King Dedede as Roger Baxter
  • Palutena as Mrs. Twombly
  • Ganondorf as Fisher Biskit
  • Bayonttea (Black) and Corrin (Female) as The Biskit Twins
  • Marth as Josh Sharp
  • Female Robin (Normal) as Youngmee Song
  • Daisy as Sue Patterson
  • Male Robin (Black) as Jasper Jones
  • Kirby as Russel Ferguson
  • Zelda as Zoe Trent
  • Zero Suit Samus as Pepper Clark
  • Peach as Minka Mark (both pink)
  • Mario as Vinnie Terrio
  • Luigi as Sunil Nevla
  • Jigglypuff as Penny Ling
  • Pikachu as Buttercream Sundae
  • Rosalina (Pink) as Sugar Sprinkles
  • Wendy O. Koopa as Madame Pom LeBlac
  • Zelda (Pink) as Gail Trent
  • Waluigi as Shahrukh
  • Link as Digby
  • Captain Falcon as Princess Stori
  • Yoshi as Olive Shellstein
  • Pit (Blue) as Esteban Banderas
  • Fox (Orange) as Shivers
  • Sheik as Scout Kerry
  • Rosalina (Purple) as Delilah Barnsley
  • Donkey Kong as Old Bananas
  • and More

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