• Guy as Joycelyn
  • C. Viper as Angelina
  • Ken as Josephine
  • Ryu as Angau
  • Chun Li as Amy from Futurama
  • Cammy as Honker from Darkwing Duck
  • Ibuki as Fry from Futurama
  • Juri as Bushroot from Darkwing Duck
  • Akuma as Nibbler from Futurama
  • Zangief as AnnDinhDinh
  • Rose as Pig from Angry Birds
  • M. Bison as Phoung
  • Feilong as Leela From Futurama
  • Seth as Red Bird from Angry Birds
  • Makoto as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch
  • Hakan as Uncledac
  • Gen as Zoidberg from Futurama
  • Gouken as Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck
  • Dudley as Minnie
  • T.Hawk as Antelien

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