Made By UbiSoftFan94 aka RayFan94 (Andrew Smith)


  1. Thomas as Mario (Thomas and Mario are both the main heroes)
  2. Emily as Princess Peach aka Princess Toadstool (Thomas has a crush on Emily, just like Mario has a crush on Princess Peach aka Princess Toadstool)
  3. Peter Sam as Yoshi (Yoshi suits Peter Sam's voice)
  4. Salty as Lakitu (Salty and Lakitu have the letter 'a')
  5. City of Truro as Edward (makes a cameo as Toadsworth)
  6. Johnny as Henry (makes a cameo as Diddy Kong)
  7. Ditcheat Manor as Gordon (makes a cameo as Donkey Kong)
  8. Casey Jr as Luigi (makes an apperance as James the Red Engine, because Luigi's voice suits Casey Jr)
  9. Teletubbie Scotsman as Sir Topham Hatt aka The Fat Controller (makes an appearance as Controller of the Railway)
  10. Hooded Claw and his Brothers: The Bounty Hunters
  11. Penelope Pitstop as Thomas's girlfriend
  12. The Anthill Mob as Thomas's helpers
  13. The Big City Engine, Tootle, and Rod as Gordon, James, and Henry
  14. Dick Dastardly, ClaraKnight, Dingodile, and Muttley: Thomas's enemies
  15. Harry the T9 and the Wacky Races characters: Thomas's friends
  16. The Great Marquess: The Main Line Express
  17. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Coco, Crash Bandicoot, Aku Aku, Sonic and Tails: The train pursers, robbers, and helpers
  18. Rayman and Tarayzan: Thomas's driver and fireman (Rayman and Tarayzan are both the main crew of Thomas the Tank Engine)
  19. Ivor the Engine: Professor E. Gadd (cameo)
  20. Flash Dashing, Mad Jack, and Snuk: (from Mad Jack The Pirate)
  21. Tillie: Princess Daisy
  22. Mr. Jelly, Codename Kids Next Door, Peter Pan Gang, Yoshi, and Luigi: Themselves
  23. Diesel 10 as Bowser Koopa (Both strong and evil and attempt to kill Thomas and Mario)
  24. Mad Jack, Snuk, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Numbuh 5, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Johnny, and the Other Characters as The Extra Characters for the Walk of Life song.
  25. Troublesome Trucks and Foolish Freight Cars as Goombas and Koopa Troopas
Voice Actors for the Cast:
File:Super Thomas 64..jpg
  • The Halford as Peter Sam
  • EmilyFan619 as Emily
  • Legoland1085 as Salty
  • JoelTheSwedishDragon as Casey Jr.
  • lillylivers as Tillie
  • MissOliverAndBlossom as Toots
  • tozonline as Tootle
  • Jarrahwhite, Blue Pioneer, and Road Roller as The Troublesome Trucks and The Foolish Freight Cars
  • indexsonic as Sir Lamiel
  • Chris Signore as City of Truro
  • Christopher Signore as Nunney Castle
  • The Old Bean as King Edward 1
  • Ryan as Green Arrow
  • Rusty Red Scrap Iron as The Great Marquess
  • Old Square Wheels as Sir Nigel Gresley
  • Chris Burrell as Oliver Cromwell
  • Alaric as 92 Squadron
  • Tom628 as Jones
  • ChrisTheXelent as Elder Dempster Lines
  • Christopher as Alderman Drapper
  • Durden77 as The Teletubbie Scotsman
  • Jim522 as Casey
  • Dan5589 as Phillip
  • Harvey27 and Duke of Boxford as Derek and Ditcheat Manor
  • Davey as Scots Guardsman
  • EdwardtheBlueEngine as Amos
  • Clay and Fox as Juvortus and John
  • Stuart as Elvis
  • Ciremi as Rod
  • ELIOT and Sillyevan as Handel and Ryan
  • johnovision160 as Diesel 10
  • CRSCOTTJR as Earl of Mount Edgcumbe
  • Jarrahwhite as Luke
  • DisneyJsman as Harry
  • Professor Vengeance as Camelot
  • Truro and JimBobDunnie as Josh and Taw Valley
  • BRAKEVAN as Tony
  • TonyGoldWing as Cock O' The North
  • Chris as Jake
  • Jake as Johnny
  • TrainLover476 as EVAN
  • ShotzRox as Harry
  • ChubbysRule4 as Rayman
  • Shadowfang2k7 as Tarayzan
  • ScottishDuck17 as Mr. Jelly
  • Microsoft Sam as The Narrator

Storyline: The story begins where Prince Thomas is coupled up to the special working from Naymar to Sodor with Sir Salty aboard on the train. Rayman and Tarayzan are Thomas's crews. Falling from the sky, the Anthill Mob and Penelope Pitstop are falling down into Thomas's coaches, while he whistles, so they can get going, and when Salty tells them that are arriving at Sodor, Thomas blows his whistle to make the other engines whistle along with him for nationalisation in 1948. The movie requires a music video to Thomas the Tank Engine, who is going with Peter Sam to the battlefield railway, and the song is called: He's A Really Useful Engine from Thomas and the Magic Railroad. As Thomas and Peter Sam puff through the countryside, you can hear the sound effects of City of Truro puffing and whistling and you can also hear King Edward 1 puffing as well. With the clone wars starting in the battle, Thomas puffs off to collect his passenger train, while the Teletubbie Scotsman is looking forward to something good to have at some place he likes to go, but he is hearing an extraordinary noise, with the Big City Engine, Tootle, and Rod, whistling and hissing furiously, so he hurries to the yard to tell the engines why Thomas and Ivor are not letting them in. Thomas explains the behaviour and decides to help the Anthill Mob rescue Penelope Pitstop from The Hooded Claw and his two brothers, who are about to attack him, but fail and fall to their death, and Peter Sam catches up with Thomas, and they finally find Penelope Pitstop and the Anthill Mob, and the double-headed engines puff backwards and forwards with every passenger train from Namyar to Sodor and back. Thomas and Peter Sam set off for The Nene Valley Railway while singing Daffy Duck's Robin Hood song, but however, Salty laughs when Peter Sam falls into the river, while Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Klonk, and Zilly are pursing them, while Dick Dastardly and Muttley battle with some lightsaber sound effects. Thomas, hearing a whistle, yelling 'All aboard!' twice, and decides to come to an engine's rescue, while having some accidents with some coaches. Harry is a T9, who has been working special trains, to and from Padstow, because he needs help, so Salty has decided to put him back and the tracks, with Peter Sam taking him to the works to be mended, and after Harry is mended, he can now get back to work, while The Great Marquess, LNER K4 class, preserved by Lord Lindsay in 1963, is painted into British Railways black livery, puffs by and says 'Hocus Pocus!' in English, German, and 'All aboard!' in English, while Penelope Pitstop says 'Hocus Pocus!' in Spanish with ClaraKnight doing Ivor's peeping whistle noises. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Sonic, Tails, and Aku Aku wait for the train to come, and here comes Thomas, pulling a special train, and so, the pursuers jump on the coaches and jump into Thomas's cab with Rayman and Tarayzan shovelling coal and driving Thomas. The pursuers go up into the front of Thomas and see him standing firm and they want him and his crew to help them out. Prince Thomas climbs a hill and runs down the other side while Dingodile dances and becomes toasted with the Wacky Racers characters with Harry, Ron, and Hermione screaming while Luke Skywalker kicks the enemy off of Thomas's express train. The Teletubbie Scotsman wants Thomas to wear his snowplough, because Tillie has got it ready for him, and when the snowplough is once coupled and fitted onto the front of Thomas's cowcatcher, Thomas sets off to find Casey Jr, and when once coupled to Casey Jr and ready to depart, Thomas and Casey Jr set off through the snowy storm and blow their whistles, while Tom Cat sees the steam engine No. 97 pulling a long train of coaches. Casey Jr tries to warn Thomas that he is heading towards something getting buried beneath while he ends up getting his snowplough broken and damaging the water tower. What a mess! But don't worry, everyone, I'm sure Thomas and Casey Jr can do it to manage through the snow, while struggling to pull the circus train, and then, they both arrive at the station on time, while Ivor puffs through the snow, pulling every truck, full of everything in which the villagers want to have. The woman wonders what she must do. Tails must call the fire brigade and quickly climbs into Green Arrow and dissapears out of sight. Later, Flash Dashing tells Mad Jack The Pirate and Snuk to take Thomas far away out into the countryside when he can help himself to some coaches he picks, and Flash Dashing tells Mad Jack, that he will kill Thomas, but Snuk tries to warn Flash Dashing that Mad Jack can't kill Thomas, but Flash Dashing tells Mad Jack and Snuk that they will avoid the penalty if they do not fail, and to make sure that Casey Jr will get scraped, they will be bring his circus train, with some donkeys pulling it. Peter Sam wonders if Flash Dashing is telling Mad Jack The Pirate and Snuk to kill Thomas, and if Flash Dashing is right, Thomas will be killed! Peter Sam quickly runs off to warn Thomas about Emily and Tillie, getting turned into Thomas's enemies. Emily and Tillie, who are somewhere on the Island of Sodor, wondering about Thomas. Emily really thinks something bad is about to happen to her and Tillie. Suddenly, she sprouts out Ly the Fairy's ears, which puts Tillie into shock, and when Emily says 'Ah, phooey!', she grows Elora the Faun's tail, which make Tillie more stunned then ever. Emily doesn't know why Thomas doesn't want to be Globox, because she thinks he wants to be Rayman instead of Globox. And when she asks Tillie while turning round, Tillie gasps in horror when she has the face of Coco Bandicoot! Tillie then laughs but only laughs evilly, and covers her mouth. Emily laughs as well, but also laughs evilly as well, and stops to cover her mouth. And when Emily asks Tillie if Thomas's advice is coming out of her, Tillie nods her face. Emily touches her nose, gasps 'Oh!', feels her tail and wonders 'Huh?', and feels her ears, and asks 'What the--? What's going on?!' as she looks in the mirror and screams in terror and yells 'Thomas has double-crossed me! Help, help! Peter Sam has framed me! Somebody, help! Help!' and begs Tillie to help and says 'Please, Tillie, you've got to help me. Be a pal. Call that engine. Call anybody.' until she finally turns into Thomas's enemy and laughs evilly. Tillie gasps in horror and runs away from Emily before she can get any worse. Tillie is just a scaredy tank engine. As Thomas, Peter Sam, and Salty are crossing a river over a high rail-road trestle, they inadvertently provoke an attack from some of the huge sleeping disturbed grizzly storm-troopers, and finally defeat them, and as they close in to save Casey Junior, Thomas battles evil Tillie, and finally defeats her, to get the good Tillie back, and Tillie tells them the story about how she was born. Ever since I was a child, Tillie begins, I wanted to do everyone's jobs, but I was too little to manage the jobs alone, and getting poor Georgia hurt, there was no choice, but for the Tower to make me stay in the shed, and watch every other engine waking up and doing every job of their own, just to leave me in the shed... It was too much. Too much... too much,... too much! So I decided to get Doc to help Georgia, so that I could pull the birthday train for her, which was to help her get better, and now, poor Emily was turned to the dark side to become the must dangerous villain on Sodor. Thomas works at the docks with Peter Sam while every engines come and go. Later, Thomas arrives at the smelters yard and wonders if he is hearing things, until Mr. Jelly pops out and welcomes him into his family's candy shop to make the Kids Next Door help themselves to some treats, until the Kids Next Door finally go back into Thomas's goods train while he roars down a hill with some bees chasing him, and he quickly hurries into a siding and stops just in time, while the Teletubbie Scotsman asks what he is doing here, while the Peter Pan gang fly around Neverland and Japan with Casey Jr running down the hill with a goods train, while Luigi and Yoshi swim under water. Thomas later enters an unknown area where Evil Emily appears and tells that she is the master. Thomas and Emily's lightsabers spring to life with the hero attacking boldly and forcing the dark lord to retreat until he finally ends up knocking the sith lord out. Thomas knows that it is time to find Evil Emily really is. Emily is just her own self! Thomas, Salty, and Peter Sam have finally brought Emily back to the bright side of the force. Mad Jack and Snuk enter a cave to find an island with some treasure while Popeye, Olive Oyl, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Numbuh 5 cross a dessert while Thomas puffs through the snow and says 'Diesels always stay in their sheds until wanted, because the diesels never go to breakfast in station master's house.' and finds Jerry racking some billiard balls on a pool table with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, who are wanting him to bust them, and Thomas hits all the balls into the holes and he wins the game. He later wakes up in the morning where he runs off to find Casey Junior and climb into his cab, so that they can do the Walk of Life by Dire Straits, and when finding a prison boat, Johnny orders him to hurry up out of the prison ship, until Thomas finds himself face to face with his enemy Diesel 10. As their lightsabers spring to life, Thomas attacks boldly and forces the dark lord to retreat, Diesel 10 knows that Thomas has been taught well. Diesel 10 knows that Thomas cannot hide, because if Emily will not join the dark side, then perhaps Thomas will refuse. Thomas bravely continues to battle Diesel 10 until he cuts Diesel 10's hand off and wins the battle. He quickly escapes Diesel 10's Diesel works. When Thomas has finally defeated Diesel 10, he returns to Sodor to see that the world is restored to its formal glory. Emily is very impressed to see that Thomas has saved the world. Hooray for Thomas! Thomas, Salty, Emily, and Peter Sam go into Tidmouth Sheds to bake a delicious cake for our hero Thomas.

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