Percy is the youngest green engine. He is Thomas' best friend and likes to slurp food. He play Yoshi.


Percy is the small engine who is Thomas' best buddy. He often calls other engines idoits.

Percy is aged 8.

Friends and Relationships

Friendship with himself

Percy is often talking to himself. This is the one of the frequent character relationships.

Close friendship with Thomas

Thomas and Percy are described as best friends. Percy is often riden by Thomas or Oliver.

Friendship with Oliver

Percy and Oliver are descibed as usually friends. Oliver is Thomas' younger brother. Percy is often riden by Oliver or Thomas.

Friendship with Rosie

Percy and Rosie are falling in love. Percy hangs out with Rosie. Eventually, they married because of thier son, Smudger.

Friendship with Emily

Percy and Emily are described as smart friends. Sometimes Percy likes to tease Emily about her age.

Friendship with Molly

Percy and Molly are descibed as good friends. Sometimes they cause accidents.

Friendship with Toby

Percy and Toby are described as good friends. Sometimes they get hit by trucks or coaches.

Friendship with Duck

Percy and Duck are started as good friends. Sometimes Percy and Duck get kidnapped by James, so Thomas and Oliver come to their rescue, defeat James and save Percy and Duck.

Friendship with Sixteen

Percy often teases Sixteen about his age.

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