Version 1 (made by ToonBoyDan/AwesomeDude87)

  • Whyatt/Super Why as Tommy/Red Turbo Range
  • Red/Wonder Red as Katherine/Pink Turbo Ranger
  • Pig/Alpha Pig as Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger
  • Princess Pea/Princess Presto as Tanya/Yellow Turbo Ranger
  • Little Boy Blue as Adam/Green Turbo Ranger
  • Pig's older twin brothers as Bulk and Skull
  • 2 little chimpanzees as the Bulk and Skull chimps
  • Whyatt's brother, Jack as Lt. Stone
  • The witch from 'Hansel and Gretel' as Divatox
  • the Big Bad Wolf as Elgar
  • the Troll as Porto
  • The Eraser as Rygogg
  • Whyatt's Mother as Dimitria
  • Peter Piper as Alpha 6
  • Cinderella as Cassandra/2nd Pink Turbo Ranger
  • Hansel as Carlos/2nd Green Turbo Ranger
  • Sleeping Beauty as Ashley/2nd Yellow Turbo Ranger
  • Tom Thumb as T.J./2nd Red Turbo Ranger

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