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Issue: Superman/Batman #26
Subtitle: The Boys are back in Town!
Date: June 2006
Feature Characters: Robin III, Superboy, Toyman II
Supporting Characters: Superman, Batman
Villians: Toyman I
Guest Appearances: Wonderwoman, Raven, Starfire, Wondergirl II
Other Characters: N/A

In his eulogy to Conner Robin recollects the times they spent together and tells of this one time when Superman and Batman sent them to check on Hiro Okumura, the Toyman, in Japan because he has not been heard from in a while. Coming across the destructiong of Toyman's house the two were soon caught in a series of traps designed to prevent them from finding Hiro. In the end it turns out that Hiro was only playing a game with the two due to his lonely-ness. Conner and Tim recognize this and invited him to the Titans Tower whenever he felt alone.

Subtitle: Sam's Story
Feature Characters: Sam, Clark Kent
Supporting Characters: Jonathan Kent
Villians: N/A
Guest Appearances: N/A
Other Characters: Martha Kent

Jonathan Kent tells of one of Clark Kent's friends during his life in Smallville High.

Batman 26

- Sam Loeb, Jeph Loeb, Geoff Johns, Brian K Vaughan, Allan Heinberg, Paul Levitz, Mark Verheidan, Richard Starkings, Brad Meltzer, Audrey Loeb, Geoff Johns, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Joss Whedon
- Jeph Loeb

- Ed McGuinnes, Dexter Vines, Aspen, Jim Lee, Acott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Tim Sale, Dave Stewart, Pat Lee, Carlos Pacheco, jesus Merino, David Moran, Mike Kunkel, Duncan Rouleau, Ian Churchill, Rob Liefeld, Matt Yackey, Joe Madureira, Art Adams, Joyce Chin, Jeff Matsuda, Aron Lusen, John Cassaday, Laura Martin, Michael Turner, Peter Steigerwald
- Tim Sale, Jose Steigerwald, Aspen, Peter Steigerwald

- Batgirl #73
- Graphic Novel #5 Destruction’s Daughter #65 - #73
- Action Comics #836 or Adventures of Superman #649
- Superman/Batman #26
- 52 Week 8
- World War 3 #1
- World War 3 #2

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