Date of Birth

  • Jo Frost (June 27)

Supernanny UK

The Woods Family

The Steer Family

The Charles Family

The Collins Family

  • Joshua Collins (March 30)
  • Ben Collins (May 17)
  • Joseph Collins (August 24)
  • Lauren Collins (July 13)

The Hemingway-Clegg Family

The Pandit Family

The Douglas Family

The Cooke Family

  • Maghann Cooke (May 10)
  • Gabriella Cooke (September 24)
  • Erin Cooke (March 26)

The Porter Family

  • Maddisson Porter (December 1)
  • Harry Porter (January 15)

The Seniors Family

The Bradbury-Lambert Family

  • Matthew Bradbury-Lambert (October 25)

The Agate Family

The Young Family

The Ball Family

The Bixley Family

The Hilhouse-Docherty Family

The Howat Family

  • Shannon Howat (June 9)
  • Casey Howat (July 16)

The Brown-Smith Family

The Bate Family

The Williams Family (UK)

  • Tyler Williams (March 11)
  • Lori Williams (May 15)
  • Tia Williams (May 21)

The Pollard-Morris Family

The Smith-Clarke Family

The Gormley-Brickley Family

The Wynne-Jones Family

The Hancock-Smith Family

The Tomlin Family

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