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  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Date Of Birth: Unknown
  • Place Of Birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Age: 55
  • Powers: Can see through illusions and disguises, can fly.

Training The Human Disguise

One morning, shortly after robbing a bank, the Supersonic Eyes came across a young boy on the streets. He discovered the boy was a homeless orphan, and took him in, training him to be a criminal. Shortly afterwards, Supersonic Eyes learned that the child had powers as well - he could shapeshift, fly and throw fireballs. Dubbing him the Human Disguise, Supersonic Eyes taught him how to control his abilities. Despite the Disguise's power, the Supersonic Eyes was able to defeat anything the Disguise could throw at him in sparring, but they made a great team, successfully robbing many great banks and stores.

Prison and Defection

Eventually Supersonic Eyes was caught by Spider-Man, but the Disguise got away. The Supersonic Eyes was then left in prison for half of a year, until he made a deal with the government: he would work with the superheroes to catch the Human Disguise and the Supersonic Eyes would be pardoned for his crimes. The superheroes decided that Supersonic Eyes would pretend to work with the Human Disguise and take him to Los Angeles... where the heroes would apprehend the Disguise and take him to prison. But halfway through the plan, the Supersonic Eyes decided he could not resist an easy escape from custody and flew off, leaving the Disguise alone against nearly a dozen of the most powerful Avengers. However, as the Supersonic Eyes flew above some buildings, he was shot to the ground by one of Thor's lightning bolts. He was not killed, and both he and the Disguise escaped from custody.

Later Life

The Supersonic Eyes had a hard time with his injuries, so, the Heroes decided to retire him from becoming a Hero anymore, but the Supersonic Eyes saw this as a plot to strip him of his powers, so, he returned to his hideout in Moscow, and plotted for revenge, but he knew that with his injuries he could not fight many well trained villains, so, he found another apprentice named the Flaming Disc. The Supersonic Eyes then died after ten years of training his new apprentice.

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