AceLightningRockz's Movie-Spoof of 'Toy Story'


  • Ace Lightning as Woody
  • Humungousaur (Ben 10 Alien Force) as Buzz Lightyear
  • Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10 Alien Force) as Bo Peep
  • Beast Boy (Teen Titans) as Hamm
  • Johnny Test as Slinky Dog
  • Dinko (Pet Alien) as Rex
  • Skunk (Skunk Fu) as Mr. Potato Head
  • Ant-Man (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) as Sarge
  • Ants (A Bug's Life and Antz) as Sarge's Soldiers
  • Kuzco (Llama) (The Emperor's New Groove) as RC
  • Olaf (Frozen) as Mr Mike
  • Armon (Mummies Alive!) as Rocky Gibraltar
  • WALL-E as Robot
  • Ja-Kal (Mummies Alive!) as Snake
  • Four Arms (Ben 10) as Etch
  • Sid (Ice Age) as Mr. Spell
  • Bela the Werewolf (Monster Force) as Mr. Shark
  • Koda (Brother Bear) as Lenny
  • James Rogers (Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow) as Andy Davis
  • Marge (The Simpsons) as Mrs. Davis
  • Maggie (The Simpsons) as Baby Molly
  • Chick Hicks (Cars) as Combat Carl
  • Calamity Coyote (Tiny Toon Adventues) as Chosen Squeeze Toy Alien
  • Tiny Toon Adventures as Various Squeeze Toy Alien
  • Dora (Dora the Explorer) as Janie
  • Oglas (Gogs) as Pterodactyl
  • Yoshi (Super Mario World) as Baby Face
  • Oopsy Bear (Care Bears) as Legs
  • Rocket (Little Einsteins) as Rockmobile
  • Ding A Ling Wolf as Frog
  • Fanboy (Fanboy & Chum Chum) as Hand-in-the-Box
  • Spike (My Little Pony Friendship) as Ducky
  • Warren T. Rat (An American Tail) as Roller Bob
  • Flounder (The Little Mermaid) as Walking Car
  • Perry (Phineas and Ferb) as Jingle Joe
  • Hopper (A Bug's Life) as Burned Rag Doll
  • Onix (Pokemon) as Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy
  • Crash and Eddie (Ice Age 2) as Yellow Soldier Toys
  • Molly (Thomas and Friends) as Sally Doll

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