Superted/The jungle book is a parody with Superted pictures and The jungle book sounds.

The cast is:

  • Billy as Mowgli
  • Superted as Baloo
  • Spotty as Bagheera
  • Billy's father as Father Wolf
  • The woman from superted and the pothole rescue as Mother Wolf
  • The gorilas as The wolves
  • The Italian man as Colonel Hathi
  • Mrs. Spot as Winifred
  • The golden rectangles from the further adventures of superted episode called knox, knox, who's there? as The elephants
  • Billy as Juiner
  • Dr. frost as King Louie
  • The space beavers as The monkeys
  • The north american men from superted and the stolen rocket and The gold worker from superted and the goldmine as The vultures
  • Mother nature as Shanti
  • Texas pete as Shere khan
  • Skeleton as Kaa

  • Footage: Siriol animation
  • Audio: Disney

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