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Superted Episode Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to do.

The new superted episodes will be:

  • Superted and the stolen dvds
  • Superted and the pirates
  • Superted goes to the chocolate factory
  • Superted and skeleton's magic pen
  • Superted and texas pete turning into nasty spotty
  • Spotty's girlfriend
  • Superted and the giant weasel
  • Superted watches classic tv shows
  • Superted and dr frost's powerful pizza factory
  • Superted and the sorcerer
  • Superted and the space witch's magic cheesecake
  • Superted and the magic lamp
  1. Introducing The pirates, Mr. smith, A young woman called Hannah, Spotty's girlfriend called Spottrick, The giant weasel, The sorcerer, Princess jane and The boy in rags.
  2. Appearances By Superted, Spotty, Texas pete, Bulk, Skeleton, Dr frost, Penguine man, The space beavers and Mr and Mrs spot.
  3. Cameos By Mother nature in the intro and Blotch.

The new superted episodes will be in CGI produced by mike young productions

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