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Superted ideas is a fan-fiction thing for making.

Superted theme park

  • Dr frost's ice-cream shop ride
  • Texas pete's rapids
  • Texas pete's cow ride
  • Superbulk roller coaster
  • A superted water ride
  • A creepy castle ride
  • The train robbers ride
  • The goldmine ride
  • A superted shop

At christmas, you'll go on a slow texas pete on the slayride ride.

Superted biscuit box

In it, There will be:

  • A superted biscuit
  • A spotty biscuit
  • A texas pete biscuit
  • A bulk biscuit
  • A skeleton biscuit

Superted things

  • Superted lamp
  • Superted sweets
  • New superted annuals
  • New superted books
  • Superted towels
  • Superted pyjamas
  • Superted yoghurts
  • A superted birthday cake
  • Superted chocolates
  • Superted toys from toys r us
  • A superted ball from morrisions
  • Superted pens
  • The original adventures of superted on CITV everyday
  • Superted baked beans
  • The further adventures of superted on CITV everyday
  • Superted-The live action movie at the cinema

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