In America of Hollywood, Superted and Spotty were going to be the actors. “Do we have to be the actors, Superted?” Asked Spotty. “Yes we do, Spotty.” Said Superted. “We’re going to be in the new movie called Oliver twist. You can be the dodger and I can be Oliver twist.” But then, Texas pete, Bulk & Skeleton arrived. “I’m gonna be Bill Sykes and I’m gonna get rid of the people once and for all.” Said Texas pete. “Oh no you’re not, Texas pete.” Said Superted, “If you were acting Bill Sykes, I’d say you wouldn’t get rid of the people.” “Just you try, Superted, Getting rid of the people is easy when I’m Bill Sykes. Ya! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Said Texas pete having his evil laugh. “Why you....!” Said Superted pushing Texas pete, Bulk & Skeleton away. Superted and Spotty carried on walking to the studio. They were going to be the movie stars. But just then, They heard the woman singing. “Who was that, Superted?” Asked Spotty. “I don’t know, Spotty. I think there’s someone strange going on. But anyway, Now we must go into the studio.” Said Superted. And when they got there, The men were ready. “Lights, Camera, Action!” Shouted one of the men. And they were now doing their movie and Texas pete got changed into Bill Sykes. Yes. But not for long, The strange woman pushed the lights onto Texas pete. “You idiot, Why don’t you stop pushing the lights on me?” Shouted Texas pete. Then he fell into the trap door. “Bubbling chocolates, Someone pushed the lights. I think we should go back. Let’s try doing our new movie again tomorrow.” Said Superted. And when they got back to the hotel, They were so tired that they went to sleep. But just then, The cat came to the hotel window and asked spotty if he would like to come. “Oh yes please,” Said Spotty. And spotty followed the cat. Spotty heard the woman singing and There was the woman dressed in her red clothes. “You are a good alien.” Said The woman. “Yes, Madame.” Said Spotty. “And who might you be?” Asked The woman. “I’m Spottyman!” Said Spotty. “But my friend calls me spotty.” “Do you know who I am?” Asked The woman. “How come I know your name? This is the first time we met.” Said Spotty. “I am Mrs. Clair.” Said The woman. “You don’t have to go to the studio. It’s boring. You can join me and You can do whatever you like.” “Can I?” Asked Spotty, “Cerntainly.” Said Mrs. Clair. “I can see to it that you’ll never have to save the world with your teddy friend. Come with me and I’ll show you.” Mrs. Clair showed spotty an apple and toffee sponge cake. Then Spotty ate it. “It’s delicious. I’ve never seen anything in my life.” Said Spotty. “You know, Mrs. Clair, You’re the most wonderful cook in the whole world. Can I come back?” “Of course you can, Spotty.” Said Mrs. Clair. “You can come back anytime and You can eat as much as you’d like.” And with that, Spotty went happily back to the hotel and went back to sleep with Superted. Can Superted stop Spotty on time or Has Spotty had enough of being with Superted? Find out in part 2 of The new classic superted story of Spotty meets Mrs. Clair.

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