The next day, Superted & Spotty were going to the café. “Guess what, Superted.” Said Spotty. “What, Spotty?” Asked Superted. “Last night, I saw the lady called Mrs. Clair. She’s the most wonderful lady in the whole world. She’s my new friend now and I can do whatever I like.” Said Spotty. “No you can’t, Spotty.” Said Superted. “You must never talk to strangers. You always have to help me to save the world. We stop our greatest enemies, Texas pete, Bulk & Skeleton.” “Yes, Well I can’t stop Texas pete, Bulk & Skeleton with you anymore.” Said Spotty. “I like Mrs. Clair now and I’m not your friend anymore.” “Why not, Spotty?” Asked Superted. “Because you’re mean to me and force me to work with you.” Said Spotty. “But, But I…” Said Superted. “Go on, Superted. Go away and Leave me alone. Let me be, Superted” Said Spotty. “Fine!” Said Superted and walked away. Spotty was so happy that superted was gone. The next night, Spotty met Mrs. Clair again. “Good evening, Spotty.” Said Mrs. Clair. “It’s nice to see you again. Come with me to the restraint.” “Oh yes please, Madame.” Said Spotty. “I’ll come with you.” Spotty & Mrs. Clair were going to the restraint to have Chicken burger & Chips. “Omelette, This is spotty.” Said Mrs. Clair. “Bonjour, Spotty.” Said Omelette. “Shall I play you a piano?” “Oh yes please, Omelette.” Said Spotty. So Omelette started to play a piano. He made a wonderful music while Spotty & Mrs. Clair ate Chicken burger & Chips. And they ate classic chocolate donuts. “You made a wonderful music, Omlette.” Said Spotty. “How did you make the music?” “I did it myself, Spotty.” Said Omlette. “Did you? Oh thank you, Omelette. It’s been nice to see you.” Said Spotty. “I’d better go back to the hotel before superted gets angry with me.” “What’s the matter, Spotty? You like being with me, Don’t you?” Said Mrs. Clair. “Oh yes I do, Mrs. Clair.” Said Spotty. “Very well. Then you shall sleep with me tonight.” Said Mrs. Clair. The next day, Superted woke spotty up. “Come on, Spotty.” Said Superted. “We’ve got to get out of there or Mrs. Clair will see you again.” “Where are we going, Superted?” Asked Spotty. “We’re going to make the toffee waffles in the cake shop.” Said Superted. “Must I do it?” Said Spotty. “But I want to stay with Mrs. Clair.” “What?” Shouted Superted. “You wouldn’t last one day.” So They started to make the toffee waffles in the cake shop and They gave the toffee waffles to the kids. “Thank you for taking me to make the toffee waffles, Superted. Now I must go.” Said Spotty. “Hey, Spotty!” Shouted Superted. “Where are you going?” “I’m going to look at all the places and Tonight I’m going back to see Mrs. Clair again.” Said Spotty. “But Spotty! Are you crazy? Mrs Clair might kidnap you.” Said Superted. But Spotty didn’t hear what superted said so he walked away. Will Spotty come back to see Superted or Will Mrs. Clair kill Spotty? Find out in part 3 of Spotty meets Mrs. Clair.

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