The next night, Spotty saw a letter which said, “DEAR SPOTTY, I’M GOING OUT SHOPPING JUST NOW. BUT HERE’S YOUR BEST FRIEND, OMELETTE. HE’S GOING TO TAKE YOU TO THE CINEMA. SIGNED MRS. CLAIR.” Spotty was excited. “Oh I can’t wait to go to the cinema with omellette.” Said Spotty. “Bonjour, Spotty.” Said Omelette. “Are you ready to come with me to the cinema?” “Yes I am, Omelette.” Said Spotty. “And I’m coming with you now.” “Very well.” Said Omelette. “Then off we go!” So off they went to the cinema to see the wonderful Cinderella. In this film, A young woman named Cinderella, Who was 16 years old, sang a beautiful song. And Spotty really liked it. When Spotty and Omelette came out of the cinema, Mrs. Clair came to see them. “Did you have a good time watching the wonderful Cinderella in the cinema, Spotty?” Asked Mrs. Clair. “Oh it was romantic, Mrs. Clair. I liked it.” Said Spotty. “You enjoy being with me, Don’t you?” Said Mrs. Clair. “Yes, I certainly do, Mrs. Clair.” Said Spotty. “Tonight,” Said Mrs. Clair, “You’re coming with me to the wedding and marry me. And as the years pass, You & I will get old.” “No!” Shouted Spotty. “I don’t want to marry you at the wedding. I want to go back to see superted. Let me go!” “Now listen to me, Spotty.” Said Mrs. Clair. “You are being rude. Stay in my room, Spotty. You will not get out until you’re good to me. You will not fail me.” Then Mrs. Clair locked the door. Poor spotty had missed superted very much because superted was his friend. “I should’ve listened to superted.” Said Spotty. “Now I will never go back to see him.” Superted was walking being very sad. “Spotty doesn’t need me anymore.” Said Superted to himself. “Oh well, I guess I’m on my own now.” Superted walked sadly back to the hotel when he heard spotty calling. With that, Superted ran to save spotty from the evil Mrs. Clair. “Superted!” Cried Spotty. “Spotty!” Cried Superted. “I thought I’d never see you again.” Said Spotty. “Oh, Spotty,” Said Superted happily. “I thought I’d never be without you.” But Mrs. Clair had a trick. “Oh poor spotty who has missed his old teddy friend!” Said Mrs. Clair. “Omelette, I want revenge on superted. Please take him to the police station.” “Yes, Mademoiselle.” Said Omelette. So Omelette took superted to the police sation. “SUPERTED!” Cried spotty. “SPOTTY!” Cried superted. When omelette got to the police station, He told the policeman a lie. “I’ve got this teddy bear.” Said Omelette. “Oh this teddy bear has broken the lights in the studio, Huh?” Said The policeman. “Well I will arrest him and put him in jail. Come on, You horrible teddy bear, You’re in big trouble.” And The policeman put superted in jail. Can Superted save Spotty from This evil witch or Can Spotty have the red spots? Find out in part 4 of Spotty meets Mrs. Clair.

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