The next day, Superted was locked in jail when he saw a young woman. “Hello, Are you superted?” Said The young woman. “Yes!” Said Superted. “And you must be…” “Judy.” Said The young woman. “And I live with my mom & dad. But The wicked witch called Mrs. Clair told me that I should never go to school and She told me lies about doing whatever they like. It’s all my fault, Superted.” “Oh Poor Judy!” Said Superted. “But you do have to go to school, Don’t you?” “Indeed I do, Superted.” Said Judy. “Please can you help me?” “I can’t because I’m chained up.” Said Superted. “I wish someone could help us.” “I’ll come and help you.” Said The cat. “Cats can’t talk, Can they?” Said Superted. “I can now.” Said The cat. “And I’m gonna brake the chains right now.” So the cat started to brake the chains. “Thank you, Mr. Uh…” Said Superted & Judy. “Never mind, Call me Sheriff Cat.” Said The cat. “You see, I’ve come from Texas. I’m gonna show you where Mrs. Clair is. Follow me.” So Superted & Judy followed Sheriff Cat to find Mrs. Clair. “You have a beautiful long blond hair, Judy.” Said Superted. “How old are you?” “I’m 16 years old.” Said Judy. “16? Ah you’re grown up, Aren’t you?” Said Superted. “I am.” Said Judy. “Come on, Judy, We have to save my friend, Spotty.” Said Superted. “Who’s Spotty?” Asked Judy. “He’s a spotty alien and He’s come from the planet spot.” Said Superted. “Oh!” Said Judy. Mrs. Clair was still planning to marry Spotty. “Now come with me to the wedding or I’ll kill you.” Said Mrs. Clair. “Let me go, You evil witch.” Shouted Spotty kicking Mrs. Clair’s leg. Then Superted, Judy & Sheriff Cat arrived. “Got you!” Said Superted. “Superted! Judy! How did you get out of jail?” Asked Mrs. Clair. “Never mind of that, Mrs. Clair.” Said Judy. “Just leave superted’s friend alone.” “WHAT?” Shouted Mrs. Clair. “You idiots! I will turn myself into an old hag.” And she did. Mrs. Clair was planning to get rid of Superted, Spotty, Judy & Sheriff Cat. “You little fools! I will have to raise my voice JUST LIKE THIS. Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!” Said Mrs. Clair in her hag voice. So she chased them outside and The storm came. She climbed onto the American town centre. “There’s no escape this time.” Said Mrs. Clair. She tried to kill Superted, Spotty, Judy and Sheriff Cat on the roof. But suddenly, A bolt of lightening came to Mrs. Clair. A few minutes later, Mrs. Clair fell to her death. Superted, Spotty, Judy & Sheriff Cat climbed back down. “Thank you, Superted, For saving my life.” Said Judy. “Don’t Mention it, Judy.” “Superted?” Said Spotty. “Yes, Spotty?” Said Superted. “Since you’ve saved me from this evil witch, I will give you an award, The honey tart.” Said Spotty. “Oh thank you, Spotty.” Said Superted. “And I will give you an award, The spotted carrot cake.” “Oh thank you, Superted.” Said Spotty. “You have done very well for getting away from Mrs. Clair.” Said Superted. And soon, It was time to go back to superted’s tree house and They said goodbye to Judy & Sheriff Cat.

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