One day, In the treehouse, Superted & Spotty were watching football when the newspaper came. “Oh look, Spotty!” Said Superted. “There’s a newspaper. It says: Wizzo the frog & Princess Katie are having a wedding today. Wizzo the frog is the best frog in London. Come to their wedding at 1 o’clock.” “Oh Superted, I think The frog is slimy to me.” Said Spotty. “He could be, Spotty. But I think he’s going to marry princess Katie at the wedding today.” Said Superted. “Well,” Said Spotty, “At least we can go there.” “No you can’t!” Said The angry voice from the radar screen. “You’re not going to Wizzo & Katie’s wedding today because you are a toy teddy & a a big cheese thing. Superted, I will take you back to the toy factory for the rest of your years.” “It’s the judge!” Cried Spotty. “Yes and He wants to take me back to the toy factory.” Said Superted. “Oh! Well maybe we should write a newspaper and send it to wizzo the frog.” Said Spotty. “Yes! Good idea, Spotty!” Said Superted. In wizzo the frog’s swamp, Wizzo was ready to go to the wedding to marry princess Katie because he was the best frog you ever saw. Katie, who lives in the London castle, was ready for the wedding as well. Everyone was happy. The king was very excited to see her daughter marry wizzo. Wizzo was walking along when a man saw him. “Good morning, Wizzo! It’s a beautiful day, Isn’t it?” Said The man. “It certainly is and I’m going to marry Katie at the wedding today.” Said Wizzo. “I know and I’m coming to see you two.” Said The man. “Why so you are!” Said Wizzo. “And I’ll see you later.” Meanwhile, The judge lived in the society. He was planning to get rid of Superted & Spotty. “Oh how am I going to kill them?” Wondered The judge. He called to his henchthieves, Basil & Harold. “Basil, Harold!” Shouted The judge. “Yes, Boss?” Said Basil & Harold. “I want you to keep an eye on Superted & Spotty.” Said The judge. “They’re maybe going to Wizzo & Katie’s wedding.” In the London castle, The king was reading a newspaper. “Wizzo, Superted & Spotty need our help because the judge wants to get rid of them.” Said The king. “Don’t worry, Your majesty!” Said Wizzo. “I will stop the judge and take him to the police station.” “I’ll see you when you come back, Wizzo.” Said Katie. “Don’t worry, Katie! I’m coming back after I stop the judge.” Said Wizzo. “See you later. Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog!” Superted & Spotty were finding wizzo. “Mr. Wizzo!” Called Superted. “I know you’re going to marry princess Katie. But we need our help. Oh there you are!” “Hello!” Said Wizzo. “I’m Wizzo the frog and I’ve come from the swamp. You might be Superted & Spotty!” “Yes!” Said Superted. “But how do you know our names?” “Well,” Said Wizzo, “I read your names on the newspaper.” “I think you’re a kind frog.” Said Spotty. “Why thank you, Spotty!” Said Wizzo. “Ah that’s nice, Spotty!” Said Superted. Can Wizzo the frog help Superted & Spotty or Can the judge kidnap them? Find out in part 2 of Superted meets Wizzo the frog.

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