“Could you two show me where your treehouse is?” Asked Wizzo. “Of course.” Said Superted & Spotty. Superted & Spotty led Wizzo to their treehouse. “It’s nice in here.” Said Wizzo. “It is.” Said Superted. Back in the society, Basil & Harold told The judge about a teenage girl. “Well,” Said The judge, “This beautiful girl must be Sarah. I’ll bet she’ll tell me where Superted & Spotty have gone to.” Sarah was doing her work at school when The judge and Basil & Harold arrived. “Who are you?” Asked Sarah. “I’m The judge and These are my henchthieves, Basil & Harold.” Said The judge. “Pleased to meet you!” Said Basil & Harold. “So how old are you, Child?” Asked The judge. “I’m 18.” Said Sarah. “My, You’re grown up with your long hair. Who are your friends?” Asked The judge. “My friends are Superted & Spotty. They came to rescue me from Texas pete & His evil henchmen, Bulk & Skeleton.” Said Sarah. “Well Superted & Spotty are no good at all.” Said The judge. “You see, I want to take superted back to the toy factory where he belongs. Just tell me where Superted & Spotty live.” “Never!” Shouted Sarah, and she ran out of school. “Boys, Get her!” Shouted The judge. “Yes, Boss!” Said Basil & Harold. And they chased after sarah and They caught her. “You’re coming with me, Sarah.” Said The judge. “The king & Princess Katie will call Wizzo the frog.” Said Sarah. “Oh no! Don’t call Wizzo the frog, My dear. Please!” Cried The judge. The judge kidnapped sarah and took her to the society. “Tell me where Superted & Spotty live or I’ll tell you live from them and Then I will kill you.” Shouted The judge. “No!” Shouted Sarah. “I’ll never tell you where Superted & Spotty live. I’m going to tell wizzo where you are.” “Oh yes. I almost forgot. No you won’t.” Said The judge. Back at the treehouse, Superted, Spotty and Their new friend, Wizzo were having fish and chips for tea. “Your treehouse is not like my swamp.” Said Wizzo. “In the woods, I don’t have a treehouse. But you do.” “That’s right!” Said Superted. “I’m from the planet spot.” Said Spotty. “Planet spot? Is that where you live?” Asked Wizzo. “Yes, Wizzo.” Said Superted. “And he lives with his spotty parents, Mr & Mrs. Spot and Blotch.” “Oh nice names!” Said Wizzo. Soon it was bedtime. “I’ll stop the judge tomorrow and I hope you two will have a good night sleep ready for our wedding tomorrow afternoon.” Said Wizzo. “Good night, Superted & Spotty.” Back in the society, Basil & Harold threw Sarah in the dungeon. “Tomorrow, Child,” Said The judge, “You will no longer go to school and I will find Superted & Spotty myself.” But just then, Katie arrived. “Don’t worry, Sweet heart!” Said Katie kindly. “Wizzo will save you from the evil judge.” “Oh thank goodness, Katie.” Said Sarah. “You are really grown up to be an older student, My dear.” Said Katie. “Thank you, Katie.” Said Sarah. Can Superted, Spotty & Wizzo stop The judge or Can The judge kill The king? Find out in part 3 of Superted meets Wizzo the frog.

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