And Katie freed Sarah. “Oh no!” Said Sarah. “I’ve got to see superted’s treehouse and see if it’s all right." And she rushed as fast as she could. Katie was pleased that sarah was going to check superted’s treehouse. The next day, Superted, Spotty & Wizzo had Bacon, Eggs & Sausages when Sarah made it to the treehouse. “Superted! Spotty! You’re OK!” Shouted Sarah, Crying out for joy. “Oh Hello, Sarah!” Said Superted. “Glad to see you again!” “Thank you, Superted.” Said Sarah. “The judge is coming to your treehouse. You must stop him.” “Oh no!” Said Superted. “Don’t worry, Sarah!” Said Wizzo. “I always stop the villains.” “I know you do, Wizzo.” Said Sarah. “It’s because you’re the best frog ever.” “That’s right, Sarah!” Said Wizzo. Suddenly, The judge and Basil & Harold were planning to climb Superted’s treehouse once and for all. “Quick! Hide!” Shouted Wizzo to Sarah. “The judge is going to kidnap Superted.” The judge gave a poisoned honey to superted. Then Superted ate it and Then he turned into a toy teddy like he was in the superted intro. “I’ve killed him!” Shouted The judge. “I’ve killed him! Did you see that, Basil & Harold? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” “NO!” Shouted Sarah. And then she started to cry in tears. “I’m going to get rid of the no good young woman.” Said The judge. And he trapped her in the cage. “Kidnapper!” Shouted Wizzo. “Good morning, Wizzo!” Said The judge. “I’m going to see you marry your princess at the wedding.” The wicked judge took Superted to the toy factory, Spotty to the cheese factory and Sarah to the zoo. “Oh no!” Said Wizzo. “I must stop The judge before it’s too late.” So he ran to the little boy’s house. “Little boy?” Said Wizzo. “Wake up.” “What do you want, You slimy frog?” Said The boy. “Superted, Spotty & Sarah are kidnapped by The evil judge and His nasty henchthieves.” Said Wizzo. “You must come with me and You’re not going to go back to sleep. All right?” “No, I don’t think so.” Said The boy. “Come on! Let’s go!” Said Wizzo. And they were off. In the zoo, The judge took Sarah to the crocodiles. “Are you ready, Sarah?” Asked The judge. “I don’t think Wizzo will save you.” Spotty was grated by the cheese grater and Superted was thrown away like a piece of rubbish. But just then, Wizzo was just in time in the zoo and The boy ran back home. Wizzo released Sarah, Sarah released Spotty and Spotty released Superted with his cosmic dust. Wizzo and his gang were off to stop The judge. They caught The judge just in time and took him to the London castle. “Guards, Seize The judge!” Shouted Wizzo. The guards caught The judge. “Get off me, You fools!” Shouted The judge. “Goodbye, Guards. At least I got rid of Superted & Spotty.” The storm came. The judge climed to the London castle top. But then he saw the water down here. Then he let go of the London castle roof and fell to his drowning death. Wizzo & Katie were finally getting married at their wedding. They kissed eachother and lived happily ever after. And Superted & Spotty went back to the treehouse. Sarah was so pleased. “Thank you, Superted & Spotty.” Said Sarah. And she kissed her hand and waved goodbye. “I’ll go home.” Said Sarah. And she ran happily back to her house.

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