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Hello, Youtubers, It's me, Supertedtv and I want to say that Authorization failed because i can't upload clips anymore. Once upon a time, I remember when i first uploaded the clip onto youtube when it was my birthday in 2009. The making of superted was my first youtube clip. And My second youtube clip was Charlie chalk/Thomas parody clip. I uploaded The Wizzo the frog stories. I uploaded all 4 Thomas/Bananaman parodies. I uploaded the Superted Music Videos. I used to make voice overs. Oh yes, and i made TV/Classic adverts parodies. Oh i remember now. I uploaded only two Pingu/Superted parodies and Oh, I remember what i did. I uploaded my last youtube clip called Disney/Thomas parody clip 8-BalooHenry before Authorization failed. And i know what it was when i tried to upload a Hero of the rails voice over. Authorization is not working. Now i wish that Authorization would work.

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