Surikura Deska, also known as Fangface's Time-Traveling Mishap is a 2011 Americanime theatrical film and is the sequel of Surikura (Fangface: Orochimaru Rises). The film is animated with traditional cel animation unlike the first film and like the first film, the film series is based on the 1978 series, Fangface.

The film serves ten years after the events in Surikura: Orochimaru Rises. Sherman is now a full fledge adult and works for the Police Department. Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son (the voice of Sherman Fangsworth), appears in the film providing the voice of Baby Fangs, Sherman's young nephew, who was absent in the first film.


Sherman is on a new case by heading over to the new Pharaoh Museum to find the missing Tutankhamen's crown. Unfortunatley, the crown is actually a time machine and now Sherman and his friends are stuck into different time periods.


  • Will Smith - Sherman Fangsworth/Fangface
  • Phil LaMarr - Biff
  • Janice Kawaye - Kim
  • Tom Kenny - Puggsly
  • Jaden Smith - Charlie "Baby Fangs" Fangswortth/Fangpuss: The cousin of Fangface who has been born on leap years and now had the werewolf generation gene ahead of time.
  • Muhammad Ali - Tutankhamen: A young pharaoh from Egypt who mysteriously died at the age of eighteen, as the youngest pharaoh in the world.
  • Taylor Lautner - Orochimaru: A snake demon who used to be Jiraiya's apprentice until he gone rogue.
  • Hank Azaria - Raja Gandhi: A Hindu raja who decides to use no-violent protest for equal rights.
  • Dante Basco - Genghis Khan: One of the most powerfulest and killer Chinese warriors, along with Resputian, Atilla and Napoleon.
  • Antonio Banderas - Zoro: A Spanish warrior bandit who is similar to that of Robin Hood.
  • Keone Young - Emperor Puyi: The last emperor of China who later became a penniless prisoner.
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Lord Kyoshi: The son of Shogun Kurosaki who now rules the Edo period of Japan.


  • This was animated in cartoon animation, not in Flash.
  • Two years later, in 2013, Fangface and his friends make a re-appearance in the Nickelodeon series "California Rollers" in the Halloween special, "Halloween Bash". Fangface/Fangs is now played by YTF Legacy member Andrew Garcia replacing Will Smith due to the production of the animation series features a cast based on the Nigahiga video channel with some YouTube gust celebrities. Frank Welker reprises his role as Baby Fangs and Fangpuss from the original series, making him the only actor from the Fangface cartoon series to reprise his role. Kim, Biff and Puggsely appear but they do not speak. It is revealed that the Fangsworth family tree is distant related to the Wulf bloodline thus the reason why a baby werewolf is born every 400 years.

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