Survey Papers / Tutorials

  1. J. Cowie, W. Lehnert, Information Extraction, Communications of the ACM, 39 (1), 1996
  1. Empirical Methods in Information Extraction, Claire Cardie, AI Magazine Another overview to several of the MUC tasks. [1]
  1. Information Extaction and Integration: an Overview, William Cohen [2]


Repository of Online Information Sources Used in Information Extraction Tasks (RISE)

Ion Muslea, "Extraction Patterns for Information Extraction Tasks: A Survey", The AAAI-99 Workshop on Machine Learning for Information Extraction.

D. Appelt et. al, "Introduction to Information Extraction Technology", IJCAI-99 Tutorial

Line Eikvil, "Information Extraction from World Wide Web A Survey“, Report No. 945, July, 1999. ISBN 82-539-0429-0

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