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Survival Wiki


Welcome to the survival wiki this is a resource dedicated to the art of survival. Surviving is a very important part of living. In fact it is probably the key part, without surviving, you cannot do any other things in life. Perhaps surviving is the meaning of life! wow! However, this wiki is not for discussing whether this is true or not. It is simply to aid you in learning to survive.



Syllables: sur·viv·al
Pronunciation: s&r-'vI-v&l
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
1 a : the act or fact of living or continuing longer than another person or thing b : the continuation of life or existence <problems of survival in arctic conditions>
2 : one that survives

What is Survival

Survival is not just about knowing how to survive, it is about practice. Survival incoorperates many different aspects. You must [be prepared] for anything and everything that life throws at you. You need to know how to find water and food, how to camp, make tools, run, walk, climb, swim, etc. To accomplish these effectively you must be healthy and fit. Survival is not just about knowing how to survive you won't survive if your not fit. You must have all heard of Survival of the fittest, natures law, natural selection, etc. You must be able to maintain morale at all times. Mental attitude is just as important as physical endurance and knowledge.

The survival pyrimid

Fourth Block: Kit Third Block: Practice Second Block: Knowledge Base Block: The Will

The fourth block is an added bonus for a survival situation. Lack of kit does not mean there is no hope for you should carry the knowledge, skills and experience to survive. These basic skills should not be left to wither away.

The modern day

In modern life the skills we need to survive are rapidely being forgotton. This is because the modern day society caters well for everybody. However if at anypoint these things we have all come to depend on are taken away from us what will we do. Some will just give up hope and eventually die, others will carry the motivation to do there best to live on, others will carry the knowledge and motivation to survive. I know which catagory I would rather be in.

Internal Links

Survival V Bushcraft

External Links

Survival Links

wilderness survival - A great site based on the US army survival field manual

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