Many people seem to get confused with the terms survival and bushcraft. It is an easy mistake to make. This page has been created to explain the difference.


Survival is about the knowledge, skill and experience needed to survive in life and whatever tasks it throws at you. Survival is not to be directly practiced as bushcraft is as this can be dangerous. It is not good to put yourself in a survival situation and hope that you survive. Instead you should practice the essential skills needed to survive one at a time. For example. Don't get yourself lost and hope to find food to keep yourself alive whilst trying to find your way to civilisation. Instead go somewhere that you know well and can't get lost and learn about what you can and can't eat.


Bushcraft is about being confident and comfortable in the natural environment. Bushcraft is directly practiced and allows a participator to develop a knowledge and understanding of the enviroment around them. This could mean just a stroll through some woods and understanding about various plants and wildlife and how they can be used.


Don't think that either one of these two are better than the other as they cannot be compared to one another due to there completely different nature. You may prefer one to the other but neither is better than the other. They can however be used together with great effect.

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