Susan was bored and she did not like school.

"I hate school. I wish that i was at home." She said.

So she skipped school and met Babs Bunny, Dot Warner, Jenny Foxworth, Elmyra Duff, and Jane Jetson. Susan put on her greenish blue electric guitar and stepped to the microphone, Babs put on her orange bass guitar, Dot stepped to her yellow piano, Jenny put on her lavender gretchen guitar, Elmyra stepped to her pink drum set, and Jane got out her tambourine. Then Susan, Babs, Dot, Jenny, Elmyra, and Cindy began playing. After the concert was over. Everyone cheered for them.

Buster Bunny stepped to the concert and said to Susan, "What was wrong with you Susan. How dare you put on a concert. That does it. I am gonna call your dad and your mom."

Susan got in trouble. "Please no Buster. Do not call my dad and my mom." She said.

"Too bad Susan." said Buster. And he called her father, Hugh Test, and her mother, Lila Test. "Hi there Hugh and Lila. Susan put on a concert."

"Oh dear. Susan was in trouble." said Hugh.

"Okay then Hugh. Goodbye." said Buster. And he hung up. And then Wakko Warner stepped to the concert and said to Susan. "You are in trouble Susan. Go home."

At home. Hugh and Lila are mad at Susan. "What the heck was wrong was you Susan. I could not believe that you put on a concert." said Hugh.

"That does it. You are in trouble." said Lila.

Susan got punished. She was not allowed to go to Alton Towers.

"You have been a bad nephew Susan."  Hugh said to Susan. "There was no Sesame Street, no Arthur, no Kipper, no Super Why, no Dinosaur Train, no Bob The Builder, no Will And Dewitt, no Go Diego Go, no Bubble Guppies, no Mike the Knight, and no more other childish shows."

"You will go to Arby's, Culver's, KFC, Chuck E Cheese, Central Burger King, and Central Dairy Queen." said Lila.

"You will sleep in a dog house and lots of dogs would pee on you." said Hugh.

"You are not getting any Christmas presents. You will get some coal." said Lila.

Hugh got very angry. "You are as evil as Jafar." He said to Susan. "Go to your room." And then Susan went upstairs to her room in tears.

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