Susie Feeble is one of the Marilyn characters appearing in her own show entitled: The Susie Feeble Show. Voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern (in replacement to the late Suzanne Crough), she has long auburn hair and black eyes and her main outfit is composed of: a red short sleeved dress with a white apron and a ??? inside, white socks and black flats. At her age, she is about 8 years old.


  1. Rebecca and Harold Feeble (Parents)
  2. Jennifer, Corina and Vanessa Feeble (Sisters)
  3. Ruby (Pet Cat)
  4. Jordan Richardson (Love Interest)
  5. Fanny Rogers (Rival)


  1. Being nice to Jordan
  2. Feeling appreciated
  3. Admiring her doll Ally


  1. The way Jennifer torments her
  2. Feeling sick
  3. Losing Ally

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